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  What follows is a highly VALUABLE discussion that takes place on the 13th dimensional Astral Planet SIDDHALOKA. with 6 million people watching



Reesha : Only smart people will read this; ...... Right ?

Shiva : I suspect so. Ignorant people don't care much about learning.

Reesha :   So, your formal name is Shiva? a.k.a. The 'Destroyer ' a.k.a. Snake?


Shiva  :  It is what you say.


Reesha :  I've heard that the 'Destroyer' is like the Devil?


Shiva  :   Only ignorant people think that. They just hung it on me. Believe nothing that you hear, and only half of what you see; then you'll stay safe. I just destroy things......... Both good and evil, depending on what's needed.


Reesha :  Well those people are loopy! You're the BEST friend! So wise, kind, and funny. Just misunderstood is all. So why do they think you're so wicked?


Shiva  :  I help people be naughty.


Reesha :  And that’s your job?   


Shiva   :  It’s a very thankless job.


Reesha :  Then why do you do it?


 Shiva  :  Because I love my brother, and he needs me.   You ever hear the phrase,  ‘Man proposes,  God disposes?’


Reesha :  Naturally.


 Shiva  :  Well,  if you need help accomplishing an honorable task, say what to get your wife for Christmas,  or what books to read for spiritual enlightenment,  then the Holy Spirit helps you to attain those wholesome goals.   But if you want help cheating on your wife, or embezzling from work, or molesting an innocent child,  then I handle those requests.


Reesha :  Because it wouldn’t look good if the Holy Spirit were helping people do very bad things.


 Shiva :  You’re so smart.


Reesha :  Hey,  I’m just warming up.  But you do good things all the time.  I’ve observed.   Look at me.


 Shiva  :  I am looking at you.  You make me sizzle.


Reesha :  You know I hate myself.   Especially my looks.


 Shiva  :  Why do you always fight this?   You’re the most sensual girl I know.


Reesha :  Kick you ! And stop talking like that. We agreed this would be a wholesome family book.


Shiva   :  And the sexiest.


Reesha :  Yes, that's much better. Now kick you twice!   Anyway, don’t you remember how we met?


Shiva   :  Naturally.


Reesha :  I read about this prayer and ritual you do to honor Lord Shiva.   And I did it.   I recited all the prayers, then cut off little pieces of skin from my fingers with a cuticle scissors and burned them in a pyre.


 Shiva  : Ouch!


Reesha :  And you came that very night.


 Shiva  :  And we made out !


Reesha :  You’re a sick twist.


 Shiva  :  And then some.


Reesha :  And we’ve been with each other ever since.   You’re no devil!


 Shiva  :  But technically I am. According to some at least.


Reesha :  They couldn't be wronger. You’re God’s twin brother for crying out loud.  How different can you be?


 Shiva  :  For a start,  his complexion is blue and mine is green.  That’s a pretty big differential. 


Reesha :  I adore your green complexion.   Very sexy.   No, wait.  Very appealing.   Sorry.


 Shiva  :  Your lust for me is in hibernation,  Reesha.


Reesha :  More like Crymotherapy.


 Shiva  :  Clever girl.   Okay, my turn.   Gosh, how do I explain Reesha.  I know,  I’ll describe you.


Reesha :  Please think of another way.


 Shiva  :  You’re no fun.  Firstly,  you got flaming reddish-gold hair that smells like Cherry Blossoms.  Yum!   And a zillion freckles.


Reesha :  Two zillion.  Did I tell you my sister Sheera tried to count them once?


 Shiva  :  Blue mentioned some disaster like that.


Reesha :  Yeah,  she started on my fingers and gave up after 2 thousand.   Her eyes gave out.


 Shiva  :  But you don’t really have ‘freckles’.   You need a complexion for that.   You have dots.   Four different colors of tiny spots.  EVERYWHERE. White, gold, pink, and reddish-brown.  Not quite evenly.  Your forehead has more reddish-brown,  and your breasts …..


Reesha :  Careful.


 Shiva  :  ….. are more pink and gold.  Honestly, Red.   You are a shock of color.


Reesha :  What’s shocking is that you like me.


 Shiva  :  Keep still.   I adore you.   And how much do you weigh?


Reesha :  86 ½  pounds.


 Shiva  :  Yikes!   I knew you were a rail, but not that sleek.


Reesha :  Yikes!   Who says  ’Yikes’?


 Shiva  :  Um…. I guess I do.


Reesha :  If you were so dispeptic,  how come one/third of all the angels left heaven and followed you to the material world?   I could never wrap my mind around that.   You must have had something they liked…. Or God had something they disliked.   I mean how great could he be if 1/3 of all his associates disserted him?


 Shiva  :  I’ll be sure and tell Blue you said that.


Reesha :  You do that and I’ll scratch your eyes out and feed them to the squirrels.


 Shiva  :  Two things wrong with that,  Red.   Firstly, squirrels are vegetarians,  and nextly,  you bite your nails.


Reesha :  So now what?


 Shiva  :  Let’s finish up with you.  So, you’re Reesha’s primary expansion,  and she’s what,  about 12 years old?


Reesha :  She’s  12-3.


 Shiva  :  Why don’t you explain 12-3 to our kind readers.


Reesha :  In the spiritual sky a person is their age for that number of years.  If you turn 6,  you stay at  6  for 6 years.  Then you become  7  and stay there for 7 years.  Then,  dot-dot-dot. So I've got 95 years experience living, but emotionally I'm only 12.


 Shiva  :  And why are you here?


Reesha :  Because Reesha’s here.  She lives in my heart.  See,  awhile back Blue started talking about maybe incarnating as a human, and coming to the  material world to see first hand what it was like.   If it was possible to alter and hopefully improve the maintenance of it.


 Shiva  :  Yeah,  I remember him kicking that around.


Reesha :  Well,  when he mentioned that to Reesha,  she was gone that night.   POW!


 Shiva  :  So, she went to keep him from going.  So he wouldn’t get all tortured?


Reesha :  Something like that.  She was afraid he’d get stuck there and not get out.


 Shiva  :  But it was O.K. for you to get tortured and stuck?


Reesha :  Better me than him.


 Shiva  :  But you have more humility and goodness than any of us.   You can’t fall from the Spiritual Sky to the Matrix.   Impossible!


Reesha :  I stowed away on one of the shuttles.   You know,  kinda disguised myself.


 Shiva  :  So you were a guinea pig?


Reesha :  Exactly.   All the people in charge knew Reesha as well as Blue.   So she figured that all her reactions and thoughts about the material world would be as good as his.  Maybe even better cause she’s a girl.   Then those in charge down here could alter the material world’s maintenance based on Reesha’s reactions to it.   And it worked too 


 Shiva  :  I’ll say.   I’ve heard that you exposing yourself to the matrix, made it so people who fell down here could get back home in 1/2 the time as before, with less than 1/2 the pain.   Nicely done.


Reesha :  My pleasure.   Yeah, they changed the karma rules around.  Modified them for quicker results.  Down here life is pain.  You just get used to it.


 Shiva  :  So you’re used to it?


Reesha :  Not really.   These people think they’re in pain because they lose their job,  or a loved one.  But mine is more harsh.


 Shiva  :  That’s because they have yoga-maya.   The force that numbs them and says,  “There, there,  things aren’t so bad.   Everything will be alright.”  But not you?


Reesha :  No,  I wouldn’t allow it.  I had to experience it directly in order to fully feel it.


 Shiva  :  Sure.  Heck, I can understand it.   But I can’t feel it.


Reesha :  Same for Blue.  That’s why he wanted to come and experience it for himself.  Thought it might make him a better God.   Or some deal like that.


 Shiva  :  I doubt it.


Reesha :  Yeah,  Blue’s aces.


 Shiva  :  So how’s it working out for you?


Reesha :  Not great.   You know the hardest thing?   Is knowing for sure, really knowing there’s a God and his associates.  Knowing that you belong there.    And not being able to go.   There’s nothing worse.


 Shiva  :  So how did they find you?   You were in a man’s body,  right?


Reesha :  Yeah.   My guru Shrila Prabhupada said to  “Look for the one who’s trying the hardest to display God’s love and mercy by example,  and that will be her.”


 Shiva  :  Thank you.


Reesha :  Thank me?   Thank me why?


 Shiva  :  Because of your sacrifice.


Reesha :  Blue would have done the same.


 Shiva  :  Not so fast.   He’s the most courageous boy I know,  but he doesn’t have that kind of courage.   Not like you.


Reesha :  Yes … he does.


 Shiva  :  No.   He doesn’t.   If he did, he would have just gone.   Gosh, imagine the celebration for you when everybody finds out what you did!


Reesha :  No…no,no,no… NO!   Not Never!   Promise not to tell.   EVER!


 Shiva  :  Why not?   You’ll be a hero.


Reesha :  Heroine.   Because the one thing I learned down here is if you list the attributes of a Saint,  the first one is humility.  And I won’t ever take a chance of ever having that taken away by Pride.   Not never!   But of course I’m not a Saint. 


 Shiva  :  Not so fast.   You know what Nostradamus last prediction was ?


Reesha :  No,  but I’m sure you’ll tell me.


 Shiva  :  I shall.   He wrote, “and a young girl shall lead them.  And they will all be holding hands.   And they shall all have smiles on their faces.”


Reesha :  Oh,  you just made that up!


 Shiva  :  Reesha,  if I tried to lie to you,  my tongue would tie in a knot.        


Reesha :  That’s so nice.


 Shiva  :  How about a question from one of our guests?


Reesha :  By all means.



                          “ ARIES


 Aries  :  Is there any way to lose weight continuously and stay thin forever?


 Shiva  :  Actually there are three ways,  Aries.  That’s a great name.  Can I ask you something?


 Aries  :  April  7th.   No, wait.   That’s not it, is it?  You can ask me anything.


 Shiva  :  You’re kinda cute,  plus you’re no bigger than a corn dodger.  How many pounds could you possibly have to lose?


 Aries  :  Not many.   But friends of mine do.


 Shiva  :  The first thing you could try is total fasting twice a week.  This will work,  I don’t care who you are.   But it’s difficult.  The next way, which is my own personal favorite,  is what Reesha does.   You just eat one meal a day.  See, Reesha was raised by wild animals.  “Lions, and tigers, and bears, …. Oh, my!”   A little ‘Wizard of Oz’  humor there.


Reesha :  Very little.   Plus they were  "Leopards, and Cheetahs, and Leedas, Oh, my!"


Aries  :  What’s a Leeda?


Reesha :  Just what happens when a cheetah and a leopard make love.


 Aries  :  Reesha’s so special.   I want to be her best friend.


 Shiva  :  That’s nice,  Aries.   I’ll put you on her list.


Reesha :  No need for that.  You already are my best friend.


 Aries  :  See?   Reesha is  so, so,  cool.


 Shiva  :  Yeah,  everyone is Reesha’s best friend.  That’s how she treats everybody.   She’s the original  ‘love the one you're with’ girl.  So if you’re with her,  you’re her best friend.


 Aries  :  I love that song!


 Shiva  :  So, Reesha was prowling around with all these creatures, and she noticed their eating patterns.   The lion for instance, makes his kill …..


Reesha :  It’s Lioness.   The girl does the hunting.


 Shiva  :  ….. Lioness makes her kill, eats like a maniac until she’s stuffed, then lies down in the grass and sleeps for two days.  Physiologically, that’s the perfect way to behave.  Most people eat breakfast and lunch,  then continue working and going about their affairs which places a huge burden on their hearts.  Because the heart has to work double to digest the food while still providing energy for your other activities.  Reesha’s way,  you finish eating about two hours before sleep-time,  then digestion is easier on your heart and stomach because you’re asleep for most of it.


Reesha :  And Ries,  always eat slowly.


 Aries  :  Did you hear?  She called me Ries.   I’ve waited my whole life for a friend to call me Ries.   It’s like a fantasy of mine.


Reesha :  Well,  what are best friends for?


 Shiva  :  While you ladies make plans to share a motel room together,  I’d like to finish my answer.   Yes,  you must eat dead slow, with plenty of chewing.  How long does it take you to finish your meal,  Reesh?


Reesha :  Did you hear?  He called me Reesh.   I’ve waited my whole life for a friend to call me Reesh.  It’s like a fantasy.


 Aries  :  She’s teasing me


 Shiva  :  Yeah, she’s good at that.  So about two hours to finish eating?


Reesha :  More like three.


 Shiva  :  So you eat slowly and truly enjoy the eating process?


Reesha :  Yes.  It’s totally fun.


 Shiva  :  Do you think obese people truly love to eat?


Reesha :  No.  What they love is feeling their stommy filling up.  There’s a difference.   Very unhealthy, because they eat till bursting.  That’s why you never see obese old people.  You should always leave the table a little hungry.


 Shiva  :  That’s very poignant,  Reesh.


Reesha :  And Ries,  never eat anything with a face.


 Aries  :  I never would.


 Shiva  :  That’s always annoyed me.  How people can think nothing about killing anything just to satisfy their fastidious tongues.  What happened to the fourth commandment?   Thou shall not kill.   You don’t have to investigate to interpret the meaning of that.   Yet Christians are expert at opening slaughter houses all over the world! Plus Buddhists should be vegetartians since Lord Buddha incarnated to stop animal slaughter. Here’s the deal.   If you want God to show you mercy,  you first have to show mercy to the innocent, gentle animals.  Reesha, why is this so hard for them?


Reesha :  I’m not sure.  I guess they’re just ignorant with no mercy.   Fastidious?   What happened, Snake.   Did you swallow a thesaurus?


 Shiva  :  So you do pay attention.


Aries : Hey, Snake.


 Shiva  :  What  Ries.


Aries :  You’ve got kind of a potty-mouth. Once before I heard you say “Goddamn”.   Isn’t this a sin?


 Shiva  :  Perfect question. This stupidity has always annoyed me.  Firstly,  I’m the 'Desroyer' for Christ’s sake.  If I didn’t speak harshly,  they’d take away my ‘Satan’ badge.  And nextly Why would the very first commandment be  ‘Thy shall not take the holy name of the Lord in vain’?    That’s illogical.  It’s not that important.  Repetition of a holy name is a good thing.   Extremely purifying.  The mercy of the holy name is absolute.  There’s no difference in saying,  “I love you, Jesus.”  or saying,  “Jesus Christ!  Put that down.”  or  “God is my friend.”  rather than “Goddamn you!”

    The words are still absolute and holy.  Plus,  if others hear you say them, then it’s beneficial to them also.   Even animals and insects benefit from hearing the holy names.


 Aries  :  Holy Crimminie!   That makes so much sense.   So what does the first commandment really stand for?


 Shiva  :  Bless you for asking.  When you try to convince that God doesn’t exist.   That’s taking the Lord’s holy name in vain.  When atheists go,  “There’s no god.   What are you crazy!”   That’s taking the Lord’s name in vain.   So, Ries …. anymore Goddamn questions?


 Aries  :  You’re funny.  Kinda cute too.   But you forgot the third way.


 Shiva  :  I used to think you were a great question asker..er..er.  Now I think you’re kinda pesty.   The third way comes to us compliments of Reesha’s foster father ‘Ace’.    Ace says it’s easy to lose weight.   Just eat what you normally eat …. but just eat half.  So if you eat two Big-Macs and a super size French fries,  just eat one Big Mac and a medium fries.   This will work.


 Aries  :  But “Jesus Christ", Snake.   Who’s going to be able to do that?


 Shiva  :  Not many.  Did I tell you that you’re funny.   And kinda cute too?


 Aries  :  No.  I must have missed that part.


 Shiva  :  Well, then …..



Reesha  : And don’t swear again,  I know you’re going to.   Well, now that we’ve all been purified by the holy names,  lets move on,  shall we?


 Shiva  :  Reesha, didn’t your parent expansion Reesha keep a diary in  the spiritual sky?   And it was real exciting.   Right?


Reesha :  Pretty much.


 Shiva  :  Would you like to hear from that,  Aries?


 Aries  :  I’m sure I should.


 Shiva  :  Then it’s settled.  Why don’t you read us a page,  Red.


Reesha :  Okay, Green.  But it’s not pages,  it’s dates.   Let’s see……….Okay.  March 10th.   It’s pretty cool.



        “ REESHA “                                                               “ SHINY “







    If I slept at all,  it wasn’t much.  Curling up around a tree with a Leeda in your lap isn’t easy.  We’ve been treed by the lions for how many days now?  I’m pretty sure I ate something two days ago,  so I’ll be okay.  I’m not sure about my cats.  Lions are such stupid creatures.  These Cottonwood trees are too narrow and slick for them to climb,  and we sure as hell aren’t coming down.  So why don’t the just leave us alone?   I would.


    I hate myself for not realizing we’d hit the tundra.   Lion territory.   This is all my fault.  My poor cats always follow my lead because I have a so-called brain since I’m human.   Big mistake there.   Weren’t there 7 last nite.  Now there’s 9.  Why does everything always happen to me?


    I think back to how all this started.  Normally I don’t do this, but this may be my last chance.  How I’d had a seizure and collapsed for days.  When the cats found me, they must have assumed I was one of theirs because of all my spots.  So these dear-hearts adopted me.   Slept on top of me so I’d stay warm.   I remember a tee-niney bit of this.

    Chewed up fruits and nuts,  which believe me,  is not their favorite food,  placed it in my mouth,  then figured out a way to make me swallow by placing their neck over mine and pressing down.  The girls with cubs made sure I had enuf milk.   I was truly blessed.   God,  I owe these friends my life, and now I’m going to get them all killed.


    Fucking great!   They start the growling and walking in circles routine again.  “Get away from around here.”  I growl back.  “We’re never coming down.”  Quickly one starts trying to climb the tree again.   I never should have screamed at them.

    Now Shiny is scared and wants to come sit with me.  Shiny’s my best friend and favorite Leeda,  but she’s not too bright.  “No wait,  honey.   My limb is just a big branch and you’re too heavy!”   Since no one ever listens to me;  up she comes.  In three leaps she lands in my lap and starts licking my face,  as always.  But now I’m softly hearing this awkward sound.   It’s   Crickle-crackle…. Crickle-crackle.   It’s a sound I would not want to hear a second time.  Shit!   My branch is split/ting.   I try shoving Shiny away but she doesn’t understand.  Now we’re floating ….  then falling …. Crack!        I’m dazed but barely notice because I’m terrified.   

    I always figured I’d die violently.  But not like this.  A snack for some lion.  Plus Shiny deserves better.


   The leader of the pack starts walking toward us.  Growling,  arching his neck.  God,  I’m scared.  But suddenly Shiny leaps up.  Oh, shit!  Her fur is standing up along the back of her neck.   She’s going to fight for me.  “Shiny, no!”   She looks at me with a soft, tender gaze,  so I focus all my love into my eyes and gaze back.   We’re saying good-bye.  “Please run away.”  I whisper, but I know she never will.

    Now the lion gets closer and he’s challenging Shiny to make the biggest mistake of her life.  Shiny bolts up, but I can’t allow this so I grab her tail.  I feel my sympathetic nervous system kicking in,  and quickly I have the strength of 10 girls.   Shiny’s not going anywhere.

    Rising up on his hind legs, the lion licks his pointed teeth,  arches slowly back,  and begins this wicked growl from deep down.   He’s going to Strike!


    Suddenly, I hear this ear-breaking roar from behind us.   Nothing else…. Just a Roar.   It’s making me quiver it’s so loud.  Three times louder than I’ve ever heard.  But how can this be?  One sneaked behind me?  The cats would have warned us.  Plus I thought our lion was their king.   God,  I’m scared.

    Instinctively I begin slowly turning my neck.  Terrified of what I’ll see.   A forty foot lion?   Probably, with my luck.    Forcing my rattling neck to turn,  I’m almost there……almost…… Now I’m looking at the most gorgeous  7  foot black warrior ever!  My own personal Messiah.  God,  he’s good looking.  Probably would think the same if my savior was a three foot ogre.


    He gently nudges me to the side.   Now he walks right up to that lion.  Another roar!!!   This time I cover my ears.   He’s so loud.   The lion begins to quiver,  now he’s backing up slowly.  Next he makes a squeaky purring sound;  now he’s running off   full-on  with all the others following him.   Am I dreaming?

    Next thing I swing around leaping into his arms, and kiss him hard on the mouth.   He looks confused.   I could be the first white girl he’s ever seen.  Now I jump down and gently brush his cheek with my fingertips.  I love him.  I want to get the hell out of here,  so I place my hands together and bow to him in reverence.  He nods his head and smiles.   Let’s go!   The only ones wanting to get out of there faster than me are my cats.  Especially the cheetahs.   They’re just a blurrrrrr.

    Skipping and trotting and crying,  I make my way joyfully along.  Did I tell you I’m truly blessed?   I thought so.   Did I tell you that it started to thunder and lightning right after Shiny and I fell from the tree?   I didn’t think so.  The strain made me forget.   I  love the sound of thunder,  but no more.   You can understand why.   Right?   Next time it thunders:   Welcome to hell.


    Finally I have the courage to look back,  and guess what?   He’s following us.  Crap.  I never should have kissed him.   Now what?   Does he want a reward?  He sure deserves one.  But no,  he’s good-looking.  Why would he want a little troll like me?  Five more minutes,  again I look.   Five more minutes,  another look.  He’s still there.   I hate my karma.   I always go from one mess into the next,   I’m such a little weed.


    But look!   Green grass.  Were’re out of the tundra and into the meadow.  I swing around and he’s leaning against a tree.   My hero.   All of a sudden, he thrusts his right hand straight up into the air, fingers spread.   He’s saying good-bye.  That adorable hero was escorting us out of lion territory.   That’s it!   He had no interest in me.  He’s just being cautious and extra polite.  Now it makes sense.   I give him the same good-bye salute,  trying hard as possible to make it exactly identical.  I guess it worked, cause he’s slowly walking back home as the cheetahs begin saying good-bye in that awkward little squeak they make.


    Now Shiny’s by my side,  taking my wrist in her mouth.   It’s her version of holding hands,  and I like it.  The breeze kicks up and there’s this fresh fragrance.   I’m not sure what.  Smells like you’d expect the color Blue to smell.  Gazing into the horizon,  it feels like I’m looking into my future.   What next? 

    I can barely perceive the star Venus,  twinkling and smiling at me.   Silently making her journey across the sky, like a lone wolf prowling the prairie.   No, wait.   Planet.  I’m not a complete idiot. 


Fell asleep happy and sad at the same time.  Happy because of " Wash ".   I’ll call our saviour  Wash   because he cleans up dirty messes.  And sad because my mess almost got us all killed.






Kind readers:


     Kindly inform us if you like where this is going, and where you would like to see it go.  More material information, more spiritual information,  more of Reesha’s diary? Plus, you'd be doing us a favor if you would kindly E-mail your confidence in Reesha, for she is more fragile than she appears. Thanks forever !!   And remember, the time differential is such that this 2 day event in the 'Astral Sky' will take 50 years ‘earth-time’   So, if you have any questions,  please ask them and Reef will beam them up to Lord Shiva and his associates.

                                            Always,  Reef           






*************  Preview of coming attractions : *****************



--------    Astronomy (as it is)  What’s really out there?…  Living entities besides us?   What types?


--------     Is it possible to win at gambling?


--------     More from Reesha’s diary.