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  Aries  :  Reesha,  that is so, so, cool.  Is Wash still around?


Reesha :  Yeah,  he’s my body guard in the astral world.


 Aries  :  Is he here now?


Reesha :  Naturally, cause I’m here. 


 Aries  :  Where?   I want to hug him.


Reesha :  That’s sweet.  But you can’t see him is all.  He’s invisible to the low life grunts of the material world.  He’s more effective that way.


 Aries  :  So he could appear right now so we can give him a standing ovation?


Reesha :  That’s really sweet.   But he’s kinda shy.


 Shiva  :  So, what.   On your feet people.   To Wash !   The ultimate Hero!       

That’s it.   Here!   Here!


 Aries  :  Encore!   Encore!


Reesha :  Author!   Author!


 Aries  :  That was nifty.   Did he hear?


Reesha ;  Definitely.


 Aries  :  So finish your descriptions of each other.


Reesha :  Snake has emerald green complexion with silver streaks running thru.   Sexy.


 Shiva  :  And Reesha has hair down below her knees.  And a cute little butt about the size of two nickels.  If it didn’t jut a little up and out,  you wouldn’t notice it at all.   Plus she’s got one green eye and one blue.   Double sexy.



 Aries  :  Are those little lights in your hair?


Reesha :  No,  they’re Starfires.


 Aries  :  What’s a starfire?


Reesha :  Just little creatures about like fireflys. 





Aries  :  What are they doing there?


Reesha :  Snake.  I hate talking about myself.   You know that.


 Shiva  :  Alright.  Starfires breed in a spiritual flower called a Ragalekla.  And that’s Reesha’s formal name too.


Reesha :  And I hate it.   Gosh, it sounds like some wicked disease.  Oh, the poor dear is suffering from the Ragalekla.


 Aries  :  I like it.  All the syllables are words.   Rag-gull-lake-la.


 Shiva  :  Same for the rest of her names.   Her middle name is Virginia- Holly.   virgin and holly’.   And her last name is Spacesing.  space and sing’.  Plus she’s a Virgo.


 Aries  :  When exactly?


Reesha :  September 4th.


 Aries  :  Cool.


 Shiva  :  Back to the Starfires.   Ragalekla means  ‘starlight flower’  because they are extremely sensitive to light.  They close up during the day and only come out at night.  If the moon rises, they close back up again.  They get all their light from star-shine.   If you’re prowling around at night and fortunate enough to come across a Ragalekla, you’d see that the inside of the flower is shiny bright,  the exact same color as Reesha’s hair.  That’s why they named her that. 


 Aries  :  So the Starfires tag around with her cause they think she’s a Ragalekla flower?


 Shiva  :  Exactly.


 Aries  :  Reesha,  they’re so, so, beautiful.  But don’t they ever annoy you?


Reesha :  Just when one flies into my eye.   But that’s okay.   They’re my friends.   Especially the green ones.


 Aries  :  That’s because they enhance the color of your hair.


 Shiva  :  I’ve been dying to ask.   Are those your real colors?   Or did you have some kind of surgery.


 Aries  :  No, …. That’s me.


 Shiva  :  Both colors?


 Aries  :  Sorry.


 Shiva  :  Candy-apple red complexion and blue hair?


 Aries  :  Sorry.


 Shiva  :  Stop apologizing.   You’re drop-dead gorgeous girl!  Need a few more pounds is all.


 Aries  :  I will if Reesha will.


 Shiva  :  Doctors measure Reesha’s weight in ounces.


 Aries  :  You’re funny.


 Shiva  :  Hey,  Reesh.  Remember that dinner party at Queen Yashoda’s where Blue kept parading you around to all the dignitaries and introducing you as  Raggedy-Swampla”?


Reesha :  That wasn’t funny.


 Shiva  :  It was a….. little funny.


 Aries  :  Blue’s so clever.   Raggedy instead of  Rag,  and swamp instead of lake.


 Shiva  :  But once Princess-girl caught on, she made Blue go all around and apologize ,  using her correct name.   And this one old lady says,  Oh, but I liked Raggedyswampla better.   So Reesha goes,  That’s okay.   You can call me Raggedyswampla.”   And she did, too.   All night.


 Aries  :  This is fun.


 Shiva  :  Hey,  kids.  Let’s talk some ‘Vedic astronomy’  shall we?   I’d feel remiss if we didn’t inform our kind readers what’s really out there, cause they probably have no clue.   Didn’t Reef minor in astronomy at the Big U?


 Aries  :  Who’s Reef,  and what’s a Big U?


 Shiva  :  Reef is the material,  male,  human that Reesha hitch-hikes around with.  The Big U. is the University of Michigan where  he/she graduated from.


 Aries  :  So,  you’re really a boy?


Reesha :  Something like that … Partially… but more esoteric.


 Aries  :  Great!   Now I have to look up esoteric.


 Shiva  :  Just means lofty and special.   Weren’t you 'prowlin’ around with your professor?


Reesha :  Doc Losh?   Yeah,  she was so switched.


 Aries  :  I guess Snake is right.   I am pesty.  But what’s  ‘switched’?


 Shiva  :  Your new name is now officially  Stee”.  The last part of ‘Pesty’.  The way ‘Ries’ is the last part of Aries.


 Aries  :  Alright,  Eeeeva”.


 Shiva  :  Clever girl.   Switched is a spiritual word.  If something is nifty and cool,  it’s  ‘switched’.   And if it’s really, really,  cool;  then it’s ‘switched-out’.


 Aries  :  You learn something new every day,  don’t you?


Reesha :  So,  my roomate Boot and I would take her out to dinner every Friday night.  ‘Doc’  was like 78 years old, and could she drink!   Four or five vodka-tonics and she became hilarious!   And she loved football.  So we always had lots to talk about.  Even astronomy occasionally.


 Shiva  :  And didn’t she give you copies of her tests two days ahead of exams?


Reesha :  Well,  yeah.   But she did that for all the football players too.   Her motto was  A….for athlete.  B….for boy.   C….for Co-ed.’   That’s what the kids always said.


 Shiva  :  But Reef played football.


Reesha :  Just the practice squad,  but he could throw a baseball 83 m.p.h. and a football 55 yards when he was nine years old.  But back then those teams like Michigan and Ohio State never passed.  Just ‘three yards and a cloud of dust’.   Plus,  I just wanted to be friends with her cause she was so switched.   And,   I took the mid-term before we ever started dating and got a 94.   All on my own.   So,  there!


 Shiva  :  But then she quit?


Reesha :  Right.   She was always rather suspicious of astronomical findings.  Thought there was a higher source that hadn’t been tapped into yet.  So, they invited her to this grand opening of some fancy telescope in California cause she was real famous and all.  Said she could explore anything she wanted.  So she brought this instrument from the college and hooked it up to the telescope, and asked them to explore this new star they discovered.   So, they do it, and the first night the instruments show the star moving directly toward Earth at some sizzling speed like 11,000 miles per second.   Then they run it again at the same time the next night,  and now it’s moving the same speed,  but this time directly away from the earth.  After that she quit teaching and gave up astronomy.


 Shiva  :  Smart move.   Now,  you want the truth?


Reesha :  By all means. 


 Shiva  :  Gosh,  where to start.  Firstly, the Vedas listed the distance from the earth to the sun as 93 million miles ten thousand years ago.


 Aries  :  Wow.  That’s impressive!!


 Shiva  :  But they also listed the moon as farther away from earth than the sun is.


 Aries  :  Oooops.   But we went to the moon!


 Shiva  :  Not so fast.   There’s this arch nemesis of mine named Rahu,  who’s a real demon.  He set up an invisible moon between the earth and the real moon.  And that prideful snert named in Rahu.  The real moon is astral, so it can’t be detected by human eyes unless it shines through Rahu.  Then it’s visible and that demon can claim it as his own planet.   Our astronauts landed on Rahu, not the real moon.


 Aries  :  But it was real.  We have pictures.


 Shiva  :  I said it was invisible,  not imaginary.  That demon can expose it as he wishes.   But mostly, it’s invisible.  So the moon we see,  is the real moon,  millions of miles beyond Rahu,  but shining through it.  About the same size as our sun.  So,  the Sea of Tranquility and other seas, are just that.  They’re oceans.   The real moon is delightful.  A marvelous vacation spot.


 Aries  :  Have you been,  Reesha?


Reesha :  All the time.   And it’s not the ‘man in the moon’.  The person running the show there is a girl.


 Aries  :  What’s her name?


Reesha :  Luna.


 Aries  :  Is she pretty?


Reesha :  Naturally.   Silver complexion with green hair.   Must be a relative of yours.   Plus she’s married to Vivasvan,  the sun god.




  Aries  :  That’s so romantic,


 Shiva  :  So,  what say you,  Stee.


 Aries  :  Makes perfectly good sense to me. 


 Shiva  :  Do you think our kind readers will comprehend this new information?


 Aries  :  I’m sure they should.   Well, at least the ones with faith.   What’s next?


 Shiva  :  The stars aren’t really stars.


 Aries  :  I feel a nightmare coming on.   What are they?


 Shiva  :  They’re  planets.


 Aries  :  O. K.  That’s it for me!   This is loopy.


Reesha :  No, wait.   Here him out.


 Shiva  :  There’s only one sun.   All the rest are planets.  Much, much bigger and closer than earth science suggests.   Plus the diameter of the universe is only four billion miles,  not infinite.  That’s why all their calculations are faulty and inaccurate, due to ignorance.



 Aries  :  But there’s life on some of these planets,  right?


 Shiva  :  All of them.  Just various forms.   Ask Reesha,  she’s been around the universe’s block a few times.


 Aries  :  So what’s there?


Reesha :  All forms of life.  Those on Venus are very similar to us.   Then there are ..…  others.


 Aries  :  Like “Star wars”.   Monsters,  and Wokis,  and Greys?


 Shiva  :  Monsters, and Wokis, and Greys … Oh, my!


Reesha :  Oh, stop.   No one laughed the first time.   Life elsewhere can be ….. Peculiar.   You just get used to them.


 Shiva  :  Reesha’s favorite are the Plantatians.   They’re reptiles.


 Aries  :  Reesh?


Reesha :  They’re real hard triers and I respect that.


 Shiva  :  Plantatious is a second dimension planet.   Very primitive in the sense they have no concept of God.  They’re not even aware of death!   No time.  They only care about themselves;  nothing more.   It’s quite sad.   Reesha likes them cause they’re sexy.


Reesha :  I like my monsters skinny.  They look like the ones from the movie “Aliens”.


 Aries  :  I love that movie.   Acid for blood.


Reesha :  So you do pay attention.


 Shiva  :  Reesha conducts missionaries there to preach God consciousness.

She’s the only outsider they have ever let on their planet.   They would have crucified Jesus a second time.


 Aries  :  So, why her?


 Shiva  :  Because they respect her courage and mercy.


Reesha :  Of course riding in on Drag Queen doesn’t hurt.


 Aries  :  What’s a Drag Queen?




 Shiva  :  Just Reesha’s pet dragon.   Excellent warrior.   Breathes fire and stuff.   Terrifying!


 Aries  :  So we have dragons now?


 Shiva  :  Just a few.


Reesha :  Plus the last few times I left Drag Queen at home.  Went alone….  You know,   by myself.


 Aries  :  Seriously!   Are you crazy!?   Snake,  you didn’t stop her?   You are,   both of you,   Crazy!!


 Shiva  :  They really love her now.   Had no idea life could have purpose and be civilized.  More than they could ever perceive.   They may even rise to the third dimension some day.  Maybe even the fourth.   You’d be doing me a favor if you read ‘The Cave’  by Plato.   Then you’ll understand.


 Aries  :  If I and our kind readers knew what you know,  we’d all understand.


 Shiva  :  Just read the damn story,  Stee.


 Aries  :  Count on it.   So what is earth?


 Shiva  :  Earth is the seventh dimension.


 Aries  :  And you.    Where are you from?


 Shiva  :  The 14th.   It’s the highest.


 Aries  :  And me?


 Shiva  :  Close.   The 13th.


 Aries  :  Could you break it down?


 Shiva  :  Sure.  The top five are heavenly planets.  The middle six are neutral, and the bottom three are hellish.   The modes of goodness….passion….and ignorance.   When Jesus said the righteous go to heaven,  he just meant the heavenly planets.   Same for the hellish ones.  Nobody stays  anywhere  forever.  Except when we return to the spiritual sky.


 Aries  :  So, how do you feel about Jesus?


 Shiva  :  Jesus is a hero of mine.  He just didn't have enough time.


 Aries  :  So there are U.F.O.’s  and aliens and stuff?


 Shiva  :  Yes.   The Youfoes  are from the hellish planets.  And they’re not gentle, fuzzy little creatures like  E. T.   They’d kill you in a second.


 Aries  :  Youfoes?   You’re silly.  So, if there’s only one sun,  how can these life forms exist?  In our solar system Pluto’s  so, so,  far away,  it’s like 95 zillion degrees below zero there.


 Shiva  :  Great question, little one.   I’m starting to like you,  and your blue hair too.


 Aries  :  I’m honored.


 Shiva  :  Do you know what a black hole is?


 Aries  :  I do.


Shiva  :  So these black holes are like giant magnets.  They suck in all the light, heat, and cosmic dust.   Very powerful.   So all this light and heat gets concentrated and magnified as it proceeds to the end of the black hole.  At the end there’s this massive concave ‘mirror’ thing.   Looks like Reesha’s friend Luna when she’s just a crescent moon.  In the middle there’s this tiny hole.  So all the super-heated sun rays converge on this focal point, and on the other side there’s this eruption of gas and heat and light,  and so  ‘Ta-dah’.   A new sun is born!








 Aries  :  With the same power as ours?


 Shiva  :  Pretty much.   Sometimes even bigger.


 Aries  :  So now new life can exist?  Because of these new suns?


 Shiva  :  Exactly.


 Aries  :  Wow!   That’s pretty switched.   How many are there?


 Shiva  :  A dozen or so.


 Aries  :  Switched-out!   So, there’s even life on Pluto?


 Shiva  :  Naturally.   These life forms can adapt automatically to planet conditions.


 Aries  :  But how can this be?   It’s  so, so,  cold.


Reesha :  They just dress warmly …. Oh, come on,  kids.   That’s funnier than  ‘Monsters,  and Wokis,  and Greys …. Oh, my!’


 Shiva  :  Not really.


Reesha :  There’s even life on the sun.


 Aries  :  And they’re a nudist colony.   Right?


Reesha :  Cute.   No, they have astral bodies is all.  Air, fire and ethereal.  Material conditions don’t affect them.  You need water and earth for that.                                                                                


Shiva  :  I see Two  Shoes has a question.  Two Shoes,  is that Indian?







2Shoes :  Yes,  Keemosabee.


 Shiva  :  What tribe?


2Shoes :  Cheyenne .


 Shiva  :  Ah, …. The Human Beings.   What’s your question?


2Shoes :  Do you know anybody that can beat the horses consistently?   All my friends on the reservation lose.   Major big.


 Shiva  :  Just me.


 Aries  :  Oh,  you’re like Satan for crying out loud.  You can’t use your voo-doo on the horses.


Reesha :  He doesn’t.


2Shoes :  Then what’s the trick.


 Shiva  :  The trick.   First you have to identify the goal of horse racing.


2Shoes :  To pick winners.


 Shiva  :  Bammmp!   Wrong answer;   Try again.   Shoes,  I can go into any race track in the country and pick four winners… and still lose money.  No friend,  the goal of horse racing is to make money,  not pick winners.  Now I’m not saying to bet to place or show.   Cowards do that.   You have to bet to win, and none of this erotic shit either.


Reesha :  EXOTIC.   Not erotic.   Guess we know where you’re mind is.


2Shoes :  That’s funny.   So why no erotic bets?


Shiva  :  For one thing,  the track takes out 10%  more of your betting money.  And for two thing,  it’s incredibly hard to do.  You get all depressed and finally just give up.   Plus when you finally do win,  Uncle Sam comes along and takes a slice.   That’s why horse racing is dying out.  All of them in Las Vegas have gray hair.  No one will take the time to learn the game.  They just want a big pay-off,  so it’s becoming like the lottery.  If they went back to mutual pools only,  and maybe a  daily-double  like the old days,  it would flourish again.


2Shoes :  So what’s your angle?


 Shiva  :  Manipulation of the formula Pi is all you need.   Pi was used exclusively in the creation of the universe.  Even now, scientists and mathematicians can be studying anything,  and someone goes,  “Hey look.  There’s Pi!”   It’s everywhere.  Even in the formation of the human mind and it’s bodily rhythms.   Animals too.


2Shoes :  So,  how do you use it?


 Shiva  :  You tell me.   I can’t suddenly divulge it,  Shoes.  Heck, if I did that and everybody knew the secret, you’d be getting 15:1 program horses going off at 8/5.   Eventually,  every horse in the race would be 8:1.   But it’s there.   You just have to work that thing hard.  And when you do find it,  you’ll know instantly.  Works almost every time.   You just need to be convicted and respect logic.   Always respect logic,  Shoes.  In EVERYTHING!


2Shoes :  Good tip.   What about quarter-horse racing?


 Shiva  :  Quarter-horse racing’s a joke.


2Shoes :  Thanks,  Snake.


 Shiva  :  Anytime,  Two-Shoes.   What’s wrong,  Red.   You look like you’re going to explode!


Reesha :  You know what,  Green.  That was my angle.   I invented it and you just stole it!   Thief!


 Shiva  :  True.   But Two Shoes asked me.  No wait,  you’re right.  I feel like tarantula sweat.   So what,  I know you.  You’ve already forgiven me.  But our kind readers don’t know about your history with horses.   Hey  kids, Reesha loves horses and they really love her too.   She’s the only girl jockey in the spiritual sky.   Wins stakes races there all the time.  Plus she owned and rode horses her entire life.  Has a real feel for it.   She did rodeo, bull riding, played cowboy polo,  even did some chariot racing.


Reesha :  Christ,  Snake.  It’s not chariot racing.   It’s called harness racing.


2Shoes :  Oh, Reesha.  Tell us about that,   Please.







               Preview of coming attractions :


-----  How Princess Parvati and Reesha met.


-----  More about Reef.


-----  How one falls from the spiritual sky to the material world.   THUD!!


Again: Kindly E-mail your confidence in Reesha since she is far more fragile than she appears. You think her going back in time is EASY !!