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Reesha :  It wasn’t much.  I just drove one meet at this little one-horse track outside of Detroit called Northville.


2Shoes :  I know that track!  I grew up in Detroit .


Reesha :  Switch!   What part?


2Shoes :  Van Nuys and 13 mile.


Reesha :  That’s a tough part of town.


2Shoes :  Tell me about it.  So tell us your chariot stories.


Reesha :  Not much to tell.  I had a friend who knew this jockey and he was teaching him,  so I just went along for fun.  He started paying more attention to Reef when he saw his connection to horses.  They really responded to him.


 Aries  :  Because of Reesha’s intimate history with animals?


Reesha :  Probably. 


 Aries  :  So tell us a funny story about your chariot racing.


Reesha :  Please don’t make me do this.


 Aries  :  Come on,  it’ll be fun.   Oh, please…please, please, please… Please!


Reesha :  Well,  Reef couldn’t drive in betting races.  Just qualifiers.  The horse has to win a qualifier before they race for purse money, and so does the driver.  Funniest moment?  

    Well, there is this one that’s probably the funniest  for everyone else,  but not so much for me. My best friend there was Timmy.  He was  pretty good driver and a little older that me. But he was cool.  We’d polish off the better part of a pint of scotch and smoke a few joints before the races.  But he was a lunatic. Whenever we were in the same race, he’d come shooting up next to me,  laughing wildly,  and get dangerously close and scare the hell out of me!

    This one race the trainer told Reef that this two year old was half-loopy.  She would only respond to the whip on one side.  But you never knew which side until the race started.  Well,  in her previous races she hadn’t run a step, but Calvin heard that young horses were responding to me and I was a hot apprentice.


    So,  she goes off at  35:1  and I’m tapping her with the whip,  both sides,  and nothing. But she was the  ‘2’  horse  so I had the rail,  but was ten lengths behind.  The only horse slower than mine was Timmy’s.  Suddenly she comes flying up and that idiot is trying to squeeze her between me and the rail.  But there’s no room.

     Don’t !   You can’t fit,  screams Reef.  But he’s going to try.  Now he’s right along side and suddenly his wheel strikes mine.  Croink!   The force makes Timmy’s sulky rear up.  He loses balance and now he’s only on his inside wheels.  The outside ones are three feet off the ground. And that idiot's laughingThen Plank!   When the bike finally lands,  the force is so jolting that Timmy loses his whip.  It’s shot twirling thru the air,  where it decides to land right in my lap.


   What!   My horse is still doing her tortoise impression.  So I look at the sparking whip,  then look at my horse,  back to the whip;  Then it’s like a dream-state. This boy that looks like Reef,  suddenly places the reins in his teeth and picks up Timmy’s whip. He starts striking the horse with both hands,  one whip in each.  It doesn’t matter which side now, that horse is getting spanked from both.     And it worked,  too!   Quickly her ears prick up and she’s moving like ‘Winged Pegasus’.   Closer,  closer,  almost there ….Finish line!!   Not sure, but what a dramatic ending.


    So,  Reef circles around the track once.   He then heads toward the paddock passing the tote-board.   #2 - 40 : 1.   She went up.   Oh, shit!  Her number’s blinking.  There’s a steward’s inquiry and I’m getting disqualified.

    Reef pulls up to the paddock and everybody is laughing crazy-wild.   He jumps down,  shoves Timmy hard in the chest,  “Fuck-shit”  and asks,  “What’s so funny?” 

    “What’s so funny?” Timmy screams.  “You’re so funny.   That’s who. " Now Calvin comes up and goes,   “Son,  I’ve been doing this for 35 years, and that’s the Goddamndest ride I have ever seen!”   Now the two-handed whipping event starts to settle in.  Dream over. 

    “Well,  thank you, sir.”


     Next Timmy’s there with the phone and the head steward wants to talk with Reef.  There’s this heated discussion because this has never happened before.  “You can’t leave that  ‘two’  horse up.  Double whipping her like that.

It’s insane.  It’s cheating.” …..  “Not so fast.   The rule book states that a driver can only carry three things into the sulky with him.  A whip, a helmet, and goggles.   Nothing else.  That part’s legal so the rule was upheld.  It says nothing about some  ‘phantom’  whip falling from the sky.  I’m going to leave her alone."


Reesha :  Switch!  So she stays second and pays  38  dollars to place and  $14.40 to show.   Plus Reef’s some kind of hero now.


 Aries  :  What was the horses name?


Reesha :  Mere Scintilla.


 Aries  :  That’s cute.   Did you ride her again?


Reesha :  It’s drive, Ries,  not ride.  But no.


 Aries  :  But why?   Reef was a natural.


Snake :  Let’s just say after that Reef was kinda accepted into the community.  Then started learning that certain races were, how do you say, “pre-arranged.”   Reef couldn’t abide that.  


Aries  :  That’s awful.


2Shoes :  Hey, Reesha.  Great story.   What did they pay the jockeys back then?


Reesha :  I got five dollars to race.   Ten for a win.


2Shoes :  Seriously!   Reef’s not 95 years old is he?


Reesha :  Reverse that.   It was late 1960’s tho’.


 Aries  :  Reesha?


Reesha :  Aries?


 Aries  :  Reesha, … I’m confused.


Reesha :  Confused?


 Aries  :  Explain yourself again.   And all these Reesha  girls and boys,


Reesha :  Sure.   My spiritual parent is Reesha.  She’s the guinea pig that incarnated to change the maintenance of the material world.   I’m her first expansion, and living in an astral body.  Reef is her next expansion and he’s material.  Reesha and I can travel all over the universe, astrally.   But part of us has to stay inside Reef’s heart or he’ll die.


 Aries  :  Heaven forbid!   Still confused..


Reesha :  Alright.  The soul is in the heart.  It’s the energy source that keeps the heart beating.   Like a tiny battery.   Without it the body would just be a lump of matter,  like a rock.  All living things have souls.   They have to.                                                              


 Aries  :  So animals have souls?


Reesha :  Naturally.   All living entities … Mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, plants, and fish.                                


 Aries  :  I thought so.  Humans are so stupid.   They’re not such hot-shit and special as they think.


Reesha :  They’re still the highest form of life, because they can think … reason. They’re suppose to use this reasoning to search for God.   Then they can return home to the spiritual sky.   But they never do.


 Aries  :  So Reesha’s all spread out?   And do you look like your parent ‘Reesh’?


Reesha :  Sadly enough.   Yes.


 Aries  :  And how’s she doing?


Reesha :  Not great.  Most of her came with me.  The rest of her had this tragic seizure back home. She’s awake now, but all her senses are dead.


 Aries  :  That’s  so, so,  sad.


Reesha :  They’re coming back alive … slowly.   She’ll be okay.


 Shiva  :  Forgive the interruption ladies,  but Reesha has one more material body.


 Aries  :  What’s that?


 Shiva  :  This planet.   Reesha incarnated into it way back at creation;  to serve her friends.


 Aries  :  So our planet is her material body?


 Shiva  :  Exactly.  Mother Earth.   The oceans are her organs.   The rivers are her veins.   The trees are the little hairs on her body.   And another thing:   She needs the oil in the earth for lubrication.  They keep pumping that out and you’ll see earthquakes you won’t believe!


 Aries  :  Reesha,  you are so, so,  merciful.


Reesha :  Please don’t start.



 Shiva :  Where’s your name tag,  angel?


     ?   :  My name is embarrassing.


 Shiva  :  That is a peculiar name.


     ?    : No.   My name isn’t Embarrassing.   My name is  embarrassing.


 Shiva  :  Interesting distinction.   What is it?  Rappunzel?


Reesha :  I love that name!


 Shiva  :  So do I.   Just she has hair down to the floor.   So, Miss Longtail,  what’s your name?


2Shoes :  No,  wait!   Snake,…. I got that.  Miss Longtail.  They called that champion horse  ‘Whirl-away’  Mr. Longtail due to his incredibly long tail.


 Shiva  :  Good work,  Shoes.  Now sit down and I’ll have one of the ushers bring you a cookie.


2Shoes :  Sorry.


 Shiva  :  You were very rude.


2Shoes :  I was.


 Shiva  :  I have a feeling I’ll be celebrating my 95th birthday before we find out this little fledgling’s name.


    ?      :  It’s Cute.


 Shiva  :  I’m sure it’s adorable,  but just tell us what it is ….. At last.


    ?      :  I just did.   My name is Cute.


 Shiva  :  Seriously?






  Cute  :  Yeah,  they just hung it on me.


 Aries  :  That’s  so, so,  switched.  Here, Cute.  Come sit by me.   We’re friends.


  Cute  :  O.K.   Just a minute.


 Shiva  :  So,  what’s your question,  Cutie?


  Cute  :  I’m really shy?   But that’s not my question.


 Shiva  :  That’s so  cute …. Cute.   Now go ahead.


  Cute  :  I want to know more about Reef.  He seems  hitched.


 Aries  :  Not hitched,  sweetie.   Switched.


  Cute  :  See!   I told you I was embarrassing.


 Shiva  :  NO.   That’s cute…. Cute.


Reesha :  Will you stop!   You’re making her nervous.  Go ahead,  Green.   You know I hate talking about myself.


 Shiva  :  How do I explain Reef?  Reef’s cool.  He’s good-looking.

Four times in his life girls told him he was the best looking  ‘live’  boy they had ever seen.                                                                 


  Cute  :  As opposed to ‘dead’ boys?


Reesha :  And don’t say  cute… Cute.   I know you.


 Shiva  :  No, darling.  Opposed to magazines or movie stars.  Um…. He’s six feet tall and has the same physique and weight as when he was sixteen.  Back then he looked like a ‘Greek God’.   Oh, yeah,  and he’s Greek.  Plus he’s blind in one eye.   Same for all the Reesha’s.


 Aries  :  How horrible!   Which eye?


Reesha :  The green one.   Left side.


  Cute  :  Is it my turn now?


 Shiva  :  Definitely. 


  Cute  :  Greek men are sexy.  Kinda affectionate too.


 Shiva  :  Well,  he’s all of that.


Reesha :  Five.


 Shiva  :  What are you gurgling about?


Reesha :  Five times.  You forgot Dreamer.


 Aries  :  What’s a Dreamer?


 Shiva  :  Just Reef’s girlfriend.


Reesha :  More a companion, really.


 Shiva  :  Dreamer’s alright.   Just a little selfish is all.


Reesha :  A lot selfish.


 Aries  :  All girls are.  I read about it.   All boys are born liars and all girls are fucking selfish.


 Shiva  :  The Bible,  right?


 Aries  :  It’s true.  You’re almost like Satan!   You must know that.


 Shiva  :  Unfortunately,  I do.   Anyway, we’ll talk about Dreamer later.


 Aries  :  Talk about her now.   Love the name.


 Shiva  :  Dreamer’s so selfish because her parent expansion was the original Eve.

 One of the two original sinners.  Hers was selfishness.   Adams ’s was pride.


Reesha :  What about me?


 Shiva  :  You were the apple, for crying out loud.   Totally neutral.


 Aries  :  No fooling?


 Shiva  : No fooling.   And the original Adam is here, too.  Same for Jesus and Mary Magdalen.   And Reef knows them all.


Reesha :  That’s enuf, Snake.  It’s too soon.  Our kind readers have had to stretch their imaginations far enough.   It’s too soon.


 Shiva  :  See, Cute.  Things are evolving at a furious pace and soon  the age will change.  

Then everything will be rainbows and puppies.


  Cute  :  I can’t wait!


 Shiva  :  Anyway,  Reef’s the only completely kind person I have ever met. 

Human that is.


 Parvi  :  Underline that!


Reesha :  Parvi!   You spoke.


 Parvi  :  Yes, Reesh.   I’ve known how for some time now.






Reesha :  No.   I mean you’re here…. I missed you.


 Parvi  :  Same for me about you.   My comedy routine went a little long.


Reesha :  At the grand opening of your new resort,   What’s it called again?  

 Parvi’s Perfect Pimps’?


Parvi : No, you Reesh.   ‘Princess Purple’s PYX.   Anyway it was a stampede.


 Aries  :  What’s a Parvi?


Reesha :  This girl.   Princess Parvatil


 Aries  :  Oh,  I’ve heard about you…. Golden complexion,  purple hair.  

You’re gorgeous!


Reesha :  Ravishing.  She prefers that word. 


 Aries  :  So, at last.  I meet Lord Shiva’s wife.  The beautiful maiden Parvati.


Reesha :  Ravishing.


 Parvi :  Alright you kids.  Just carry on.   Pretend I’m not here.   Quick … Quick!


 Aries  :  That’ll be hard to do.   Reesha,  she’s so crisp and unique.   Very Princessie.


 Parvi  :  Yes,  I know.   So continue Cute.   Love the name.


  Cute  :  Thank-you, Princess.   So, when is all this happening.   I can’t wait.


 Shiva  :  You’ll still be here.


  Cute  :  But I have to know.   It’s  so, so,  exciting!


 Shiva  :  Keep your breasts on.   Tomorrow at the soonest;  a few decades at the longest.


Reesha :  You know what I love about us.


 Shiva  :  No.  But I’m sure you’ll tell us.


Reesha :  I shall.   Just like that.  Someone said that before, and then another person says the same. I did it when I repeated Aries when she told about her fantasy with the name ‘Ries’.   And Two Shoes when he said ‘Chariot’ races, and now everybody goes ,  “So you do pay attention”.  Plus Cute just did it twice.   She said ‘They just hung it on me’,  the way you did describing yourself as Satan. Just now she goes,  ‘so, so, exciting’ the way Aries always goes. We’re always repeating each other.  It’s really special and kind of bonding;  or whatever you say about stuff like that.


 Shiva  :  Reesha.   That is  so, so,  poignant.


Reesha :  See!   It’s spreading.


 Shiva  :  I just think we have the same tendencies.  The same source.


  Cute  :  God?


 Shiva  :  You can call him Blue.   He’d like you.  And Reesha,  if you type one more  'Shiva',  I’m going to explode.   Call me Snake.


Reesha :  By all means. So, Princess. How the hell are you? I missed you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

 Parvi  :  I missed you too,  honey.


 Snake  :  You kids.   You’ve only been apart for one hour.


Reesha :  That’s eternity for us.


 Parvi  :  Double eternity.


 Aries  :  This girl really is your best friend,  Reesha.   I can tell.   It’s  so, so,  obvious.


Reesha :  Evidently. 


 Aries  :  Please tell how you and Reesha met.


Reesha :  Parts of it were terrifying …. But mostly it was beautiful .   Mostly. I was reading Shrila Prabhupada’s books because I was searching for God.  This was the real deal.   Absolutely.   I had tried Jesus forever.  Was an alter boy, taught Sunday school;  but I just got worse.   Then he starts talking about this  Princess Parvati  girl.  I instantly know we have a connection.  Just hearing her name.  I loved her.   I felt it right down to the ground!


 Parvi  :  So she kept trying to reach me.  Repeating my name over and over.   Screaming it when she was alone.  Begging me to find her and rescure her.  Crying buckets of tears.   It was inspiring.    Then this one time a few weeks later she went driving off someplace .........  Screaming at me,  and I couldn’t stand it anymore.   You finish up now, Reesh.


Reesha :  So,  I was heading for San Francisco, and I couldn’t stand it anymore either.  So I’m hollering out to her.  “Parvati….. Parvati…..  PARVATI !!   Please … save me. I need you!”   Well, I had the Giants game on the radio and suddenly the radio shut off.  All by itself.   Then there’s this inspiring flute music instead. Hauntingly beautiful.   On and on …. then there’s this voice.  A little girl that sounds like Diane Keaton.   “It’s alright.   Stay calm.”


 Parvi  :  And Reesha goes,  "Who the hell are you?


Reesha :  And this voice says,  “Well, who have you been screaming at?”


 Parvi  :  Then Reesha whispers ….. "Who are you Really ? Well, that’s it for me and I burst out laughing.   Then so does she.  How long did we laugh for?


Reesha :  At least a few minutes. 


 Parvi  :  One of us would try and stop,  but then the other one would get her going again.                                       


Reesha :  I can’t remember the last time I laughed like that.


 Aries  :  That is  so, so  tender.   What next?


Reesha :  She just told me that if I relaxed, everything would be natural and turn out okay.  She said I was a warrior girl,  and she didn’t have any ‘sissies’  on her team.  Only Amazon girls. So I had to stay strong like Amazon girl.


 Parvi  :  Gosh,  I forgot that part.


Reesha :  Then we just chit-chatted and shot the shat … Shat the shoot … Shit the shat, ….. AAAghhhh!!  Shot the shit.   Going back there is scrambling me.


 Aries  :  I can see that.  You’re quivering.


 Parvi  :  She was full-on shaking when it happened.   Tell her about the car.


Reesha :  Yikes.   I kept forgetting to push the gas peddle.  So I’d get to about  90 and then coast.  People would honk when I’d drop below40.  Then Parvi goes,  I can help.”                                                            

    Gradually,  I begin levitating out of the car seat !! 5  feet …. 10 feet …. 15 feet …. “That’s enuf!!”  I  scream at her.   I look and see Reef down there driving the car.  I’m in the seat and simultaneously 15 feet above it!  But somehow now the driving is easier.  That was the terrifying part.  Very trippy.   Then she explains that she’ll be coming to me every night in dreams. So we can get to know each other and she can explain and inform me about things. 

    Then she places her hands on my face and gently kisses me.   Christ.  I shall never forget that kiss. I can feel it right now.  Like it’s fresh,  for the very first time. 


 Aries  :  That’s cause she is kissing you right now.   Dummy.


Reesha :  I know that.  But the other one.   Plus her voice smelt like honey.  Still does.


 Shiva  :  Smelt is a tiny fish,  Red.


Reesha :  Keep still,  Lucifer.   Or I’ll go back to 'Shiva'.


 Aries  :  Come blow on me so I can smell you……..Yum!   Oh, kids.  This is the most exciting thing ever!   What next?


Reesha :  Um…. Next I remember going to Berkeley .   I wanted to do service at the Hindu Temple there.  So,  on the way, we’re trying to decide what to call each other.   We wanted the same name for both of us.


 Parvi  :  So finally we decide on honey.   We’ll just call each other ‘honey’.


Reesha :  All of a sudden, this maniac screeches out of the alley, and pulls right in front of us.  Reef crunches on the brakes.   EEEeeeek!


 Parvi  :  And the car had a personalized license plate that said  2 honeys”.


 Aries  :  For real?


Reesha :  It certainly did.  Then she went on to prove her reality using mathematics.  She’d predict insane instances with license plates on cars,  and I’m pretty good with numbers. So,  I’d figure out the odds,  then she would do it.


 Aries  :  So what kind of odds was she facing?


Reesha :  Oh,  I wasn’t playing around.   At least a million to one.  Sometimes higher.


 Aries  :  And she always came through?


Reesha :  Scores of times.   Finally I figured I was stuck with her and was easier on us both if I just trusted her. Then the flute music came back on the radio,  then later the Giants game returned. I still remember the score.  Giants  5 Los Angeles   2.


 Aries  :  That is  so, so,  remarkable.   Inspiring actually.  So, did she come in a dream that night?


 Parvi  :  Naturally.  I never make idle promises.


Reesha :  So,  my first night I was terrified. I took a sleeping pill and a few beers …. And she said right.   She appeared,  then we drank Varuni and held hands while walking alongside Aurora .


 Aries  :  What’s an Aurora ?


Reesha :  She’s our river.   All sparkling cause of fosfrence.


 Shiva  :  God’s fist!   I guess if you live long enough you hear everything.



Reesha :  Oh, stop.  I always have trouble with that word.


 Shiva  :  You might try phosphorescence.


Reesha :  Yes,  thank you.   So we just laid on our backs,  talking,  watched the stars dance.


 Aries  :  Did you kiss each other?


Reesha :  Well, yeah.   But it’s not like that.  Our love was so strong, our bodies just went along for the ride.


 Parvi  :  Is.


Reesha :  Pardon me?


 Parvi  :  You said our love was so strong.   It still is!


Reesha :  I know that !


 Parvi  :  It’s all absolute,  Ries.  You could write someone a beautiful love poem, or just lean across the  candlelight and kiss them.   Both ways it’s the same.   Absolute.


 Aries  :  How did she know to call me Ries?


Reesha :  Best friends know these things.


 Aries  :  Wow!   So did the dreams continue?


Reesha :  You bet they did.  Every night more vivid.  I was awakening my astral eyes.


 Aries  :  So that day in the car,  you never saw her?


Reesha :  Just her voice.


 Aries  :  I bet you were surprised to see her shock of color.


Reesha :  There are no English words to describe what I saw.   Even ‘ravishing’  is not good enuf.


 Snake  :  Is anybody else hungry?   Finish up, Red.   Let’s break for lunch.


Reesha :  You people that need lunch drive me berserk.  Well, that’s almost it.  Oh, yeah.  So about the tenth night,  I wake up and go to the bathroom to shave, and Parvi and I are still talking.   And she’s spraying shaving cream on the mirror and playing with it.  So it goes on like this,  until it strikes me.  I’m awake!   And she’s still here!!


 Parvi  :  So, Reesh totally freaks and slaps me hard.  “Go away,  bitch.  Get away from around here.  You’re the devil…..and I hate you!”  Blah, blah, blah.                                   


 Aries  :  Well, it had to be very scary for her.   So what did you do?


 Parvi  :  Told her that I’d see her tonight and we would talk.


 Aries  :  And ……


 Parvi  :  We did.   She settled down and within a few weeks we were with each other in dreams and awake time.  She’s a real natural.   So what say you?


 Aries  :  There are no English words to describe that story.  Even ‘switched-out’ sounds a little weak.  Hey, Princess.   Make Reesh tell us more about Reef.   He seems pretty involved.


 Parvi  :  He is.  What do you want to know?


 Aries  :  How’s his health?


 Parvi  :  Not great.  He’s blind mostly.  Has Multiple Sclerosis, and this designer disease called Cataplexy.


Reesha : Cataplexy  B.


 Parvi  :  That’s right.  There’s only six cases of Cataplexy B in all of medical history.  And they suspect,  but won’t know for sure without a brain autopsy.


 Snake  :  Tell us the story,  Red.


Reesha :  They were holding me hostage at the hospital. These five neurologists came in and offered Reef  30,000 dollars for his brain.   But Princess-girl wouldn’t let me.  She said, “Don’t be foolish, Reesh.  You sign that and they’ll hire a ‘cleaner’ and have your brain in a week!”  So I said, ‘No’.


 Parvi  :  So, they come the next day and offer her 50 thousand.   And Reesh goes, “Oh,  that  brain!”                     


 Aries  :  She’s so funny!


 Parvi  :  They ran all these tests for three days and nights.

 Talk about guinea pigs.   Reef was on Medicade so they gave him the works.


Reesha :  And they wouldn’t let him eat!


 Parvi  :  Oh, that’s right.  All these advanced tests your stommy had to be empty.


 Aries  :  So what did she do?


 Parvi  :  She bribed the night nurse and said she’d pay her 80 dollars for a sandwich.


 Aries  :  And did she?                                                                                                                                         


 Parvi  :  No.   She would have but it was bologna.


  Aries :  Did she eat it?


 Parvi  :  Naturally.   Poor girl was starving!


 Aries  :  That must have been hard for her.   But Reef’s so good.   Why is he sick?   Not fair!


 Snake  :  When a spiritual master initiates a disciple,  he takes on all their sins and karma.  Then  he neutralizes them.  Very painful for the guru.  So he gets upset stomach… and I don’t mean the usual.  I mean a thousand ’dancing devils’.  Then there’s the itching, muscel pain, Pleurisy ( Reef had bi-lateral pleurisy Twice!) disease, he sees bad dreams,  and many more.  Very painful indeed!   Stuff like that.


 Aries  :  Then why do they do it?


 Snake  :  To help little grunts like you to return back home ........  Sorry,  Aries.   That just jumped out.   Reesha’s like a sponge that soaks up people’s pain until they feel good. So when Reesha incarnated into the planet, she initiated all of them.  So she is systematically purifying them one by one.   And it’s working too!   Crime is down, abortion is down, meat-eating is down, greed is being exposed, wars are shorter.   So all Reef’s mercy is helping us to return home. Back to the spiritual sky. I have never had that kind of courage.


Reesha :   And if you say ’thank-you’   your fucking head is coming right off!


 Aries  :  I think Reef is ill.  She’s no good at accepting compliments. 


 Snake  :  Probably feels she’s not worth them.


 Aries  :  But Reesha’s the best one of us.


 Parvi  :  Underline that.






        “ REESHA                                              “ ARIES “





 Aries  :  Reesha?


Reesha :  Aries?


 Aries  :  Reesha,   I know about myself now.


Reesha :  It’s important to know thyself.


Aries  :  No,  not like that.  I remember what I did,  and Cute does too.  We talked at lunch.  I want to reveal my wicked ways,


Reesha :  Don’t do this to yourself.


 Aries  :  No,  I must.   It might help all the people if they hear what being a selfish bitch can do to a girl.


Reesha :  Well,  you go your own way,  as always.


 Aries  :  We were back home in the spiritual sky.  Cute moved into our village two houses down from me.   Remember?


Reesha :  Naturally.


 Aries  :  And she was young.  9-7  I think.  Reesha met her swimming and Cute fell head over feet in love with her.  Thought she was better than Ganache frosting. 


Reesha :  She was cute.   God, I don’t believe I just said that.


 Aries  :  So,  she wouldn’t shut up about you.  Reesha this and Reesha that’, and ‘when are we seeing Reesha again’?   I wanted to strangle her.  I mean,  I loved you too.  I needed you.   And this miniature tart was trying to steal you.


Reesha :  But she wasn’t really though,  huh Ries?


 Aries  :  No.   But it felt like it.  I hated sharing you. So, remember that time you two were meeting each other at that little rivulet thing of Aurora ’s?


Reesha :  I do.


 Aries  :  You were going to show her the fos-frence.  Well,  my wrath was only exceeded by my selfish ways.   So I swam to your place and told you that Cute’s mother was taking her shopping for curtains.  Then I go home and tell Cute that Reesha was playing with Radha that day,  and she couldn’t keep their date.   Cute was crunched.   She said Reesha had no business associating with a little baby when she had grown-up friends.  And she would make a horrible friend anyway.   And her life was worthless now,  and she might as well be dead.


Reesha :  I think we’ve all been there.


 Aries  :  But she meant it!  And I just let her walk away.  Didn’t try to comfort her.  Even felt happy that I was destroying her.  ‘But that’s not me  I told myself.   But I did it …. so I guess it was me.  You know the rest.


Reesha :  Cute tried to drown herself in Aurora , but Aurora wouldn’t co-operate.


 Aries  :  I felt dead after that.  Remember that night you consoled me, and we must have chewed four betel nuts …. Each?  Got totally baked.


Reesha :  Yeah,  we needed that.  And later you told Cute everything and begged her to forgive you.   And she did.


 Aries  :  Cutes’ a sweety.  But that night in bed,  I just couldn’t fathom what I had done.  Couldn’t get around it.  The potential to hurt someone like that.  No, wait …. Slay someone like that.  It really scared me,  Reeshee.  And I never want to be that girl again.   So, that must be where I fell from grace.  Kicked out so I would learn my lesson here,  and not hurt anybody else back home.


Reesha :  That sounds right.


 Aries  :  So,  now all the people have a perfect blueprint of what not to do.


Reesha :  Thanks forever for sharing.   Honestly.   It was a very warm thing to do for others.   Is this why you asked Cute to sit by you?   Still trying to make up to her.


 Aries  :  Yikes!   I hadn’t thought of that, but I’m sure I was.


 Snake  :  Mozoltov on your courageous confession,  Aries.  It was very helpful.  Plus,  now I can explain Reesha’s differential on how that works materially.   In the old days … before Reesha,  you would have landed on the 7th dimension. Then shot up and down from the 14th  to the 2nd, depending on your actions and their resultant karma. Only to wind up again on the 7th, millions of years later with a real chance of getting out of prison.

    Reesha’s new way,  you just fell to the 13th dimension.   Took some classes.   Stayed there.  Relived your actions by doing  ’skits’  like in a play, so you could correct your bad-nasty,  and now you’re cured. 

Going back home when the kalpa ends.


 Aries  :  When’s that?


 Snake  :  Princess-girl ?


 Parvi  :  Oh, ….  Only 157 trillion years.


 Aries  :  Holy mother of ’Yikes’!


 Parvi  :  No,  that’s material years.  For us it will only feel like about thirty.


 Aries  :  That’s not so long.  So,  why the seventh?


 Snake  :  It’s the easiest to exit from. You have the reason to comprehend God and your situation.   Life is not that delightful that you would want to stay.


 Aries  :  You’d think the heavenly planets would be your best shot;  cause it’s like heaven.


 Snake  :  Not so fast.   The heavenly delights can be overwhelming.  Things are so beautiful and perfect and pleasureable,  that you get complacent.  Never want to leave.  Everyone is just gorgeous.   Plus they smell good.  You’ve got purple clouds,  rivers of honey,  pink snow,  marvelous intoxicants,  great sex.   Would you leave that!?


 Aries  :  The spiritual sky is better.


 Snake  :  But they don’t know that.


 Aries  :  And there’s never a chance on the hellish planets.  Right?


 Snake  :  No God consciousness.


 Aries  :  Plus Dreamer is an Aries expansion.


 Snake  :  How do you know?


 Aries  :  I just do.




                             Preview of coming attractions :



        -----     How telescopic eyes are possible.


        -----     Introducing Blue.


        -----     Reesha  vs.  The Boys.