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Snake  :  How about a question from Layleeta.   Boy, I could say that name all day.





“ LAYLEETA “                                                             “ SNAKE “



Laylee :  You’re more than kind.  My eyes are getting fuzzy, and I abhor glasses.  Is there anything to help?


 Snake  :  Naturally.  Your eye muscles are like any others.  If you exercise them,  they’ll get stronger.


Reesha :  Hey,  Ta.   It’s true.  Reef’s good eye was  20 / 40,  but with these exercises it’s now 20 / 10.


 Snake  :  Only one in 10,000 see that well. 


Reesha :  Plus his blind eye is even noticing light now.  So,  it works!


Laylee :  And Reesha,  how do you know my nick-name is  Ta ?


Reesha :  I just do.


 Parvi  :  Probably because she invented it.


Reesha :  You’ve got gorgeous green eyes.  I can see from here!


Laylee :  Thank-you.   But actually the left one’s a glass eye.


Reesha :  That’s a load of crap.   You’re teasing me.


 Snake  :  Very interesting.   All of you are the most naturally blabby girls ever!  Now,  if you’ll permit me,  Laylee- Ta.   Since we’re going to talk exercise, I’d be remiss if I didn’t present the most primordial one ever.  This exercise utilizes and strengthens EVERY muscle in your body.  Simultaneously.


Reesha :  Listen up,  kids.  This is great!  No more neck pain,  back pain.  This is miraculous!


 Snake  :  Sit on the floor and place your feet together,  heels and toes,  knees wide apart.  Now pull your feet up, as close to your butt as they will go.  Red,  get down here and demonstate.  Take your left hand and cup it around your right ear.  Now your right hand cupped around your left ear.  Your elbows should be interlocked and pointing straight down.  That’s right.  Next,  bend down from the neck as far as you can.  Actually pulling your head down with your hands.  This shouldn’t hurt, but rather feel invigorating.  Now pull straight down ten times. ( Five if your older )  Then twist your neck and shoulders as far right as you can …. and pull.   Ten times.   Now back to center.   Ten times.   Now the same with your left side and choreograph it the exact way as with your right side.   Ten times.   Do this very first thing in the morning, and whenever you think of it in between.  Especially if you’re feeling pain…. Anywhere!


Laylee :  This feels fantastic!  How did you think of it?


 Snake  :  Actually,  Reesha invented it.


Laylee :  Sounds like something she’d do.


 Snake  :  So,  ready for the eyes now?


Laylee :  Should I take my glass eye out?


 Snake  :  Sure.   Toss it up here,  I’d like to examine it.


Reesha :  Go ahead,  Ta.   Pluck it out!


Laylee :  Yicky.   You win,  I was teasing.  But how did you know?  Usually that gag works.


Reesha :  I’m starting to remember you.   You … Ta … you.


Laylee :  This is switched.


 Snake  :  Stop talking, already.  God girls,  switch to  ‘roofies’.   Now for the eyes.  Your eyes were created round, but over time they have become oval shaped.  These exercises will restore their ‘roundness’,  plus if you do these properly,  your hearing will improve also.  Both are connected.  If nothing else, these will increase and enhance the color that your eyes perceive,  and that’s something.

    Let’s begin with diagonals.  Close your eyes, now move them as far upward as they’ll go,  aiming at the 11 o’clock position.  From there go to 5 o’clock as far as they will go.  Back to 11, back to 5.…11,5 … 11,5.   Do these at least ten times,  maximum of 20.  Then move to the right, and do 1 o’clock,  7 o’clock…. Back to 1,  then 7.… 1, 7, 1, 7.  Ten times minimum, 20 times max.  Concentrate on getting the eyes as far up or as far down as possible.  Push and pull them stringently,  but don’t hurt yourself!   If these work better with your eyes open,  I guess that’s okay.  Minor pain at first can be expected.  Remember,  these are muscles that have not been used except for everyday living.

    Utilize the  ‘pace’  that feels comfortable for you and your eyes.   Play with it.   Some may do faster or slower than others.  That’s okay.  Try these twice a day.  If you see your eyesight improving, you may get excited and want more.  Four times maximum.   Never overdo Anything!   Only fools do that.


Laylee :  You’re so cautious and careful with these people so they won’t get hurt.   Very warming ….. Satan.


 Snake  :  Next one.  Close your eyes gently, then cross them.  If this is uncomfortable,  cross them first,  then close them.  Your eyes should feel like they’re looking at your chin.  Pull down rather forcefully and hold them there for five seconds. 

    Now,  return your gaze to straight ahead, and soften your eyes by relaxing them totally.  Now, lower this relaxation all the way down your face…. Slowly.  Soften your cheeks,  jaw,  even your teeth.   When it feels just right;  open them.   Dollars to donuts your vision will have more clarity …. Right then!   But curb your exuberance, because this will be temporary.  This is a gradual process,  but this little  ’light at the end of the tunnel’  should give you confidence.   Again,  twice in a row is okay,  but do not exceed six times daily.


    This last one is just for fun.   Mostly.   Don’t get me wrong,  Clyde,  it works.  But it’s  so, so,  easy.   Close your eyes gently as previously, and squeeze softly for five seconds, then release.  Now mentally say,  “ Love’s soft eyes “.   This is to make sure your eyes know you love them.  Now,  with that relaxed face,  even your teeth,  I want you to find a tiny dot,  fleck,  ’molecule’  that is straight ahead.   Everybody’s different, but I’m quite sure when people’s eyes are closed we all see some cosmic ruffage floating by.  Choose one so-called particle and lock in on it.   Lazer-like concentration now.  If it tries to move,  follow it!…. And settle it down.  You can do this.  Then wait till your dot seems to kind of explode.  Usually five to ten seconds.  That tells you the exact time to open them,  because your eyes are ripe.  You may do this one as often as you like.   So, there.   Class over.


Laylee :  Your no devil,  Buster.  You should have heard yourself.  So tender, with patience, and tranquility,  and love in your voice.  Over something as trivial as eyesight.


Reesha :  The eyes are the gateway to the soul.


Layleeta :  Reesha’s right!   That’s why.   You’re hoping to strengthen our spirit.   Such a kind boy.   Thank-you,  friend.


 Snake  :  Chill,  Shoes.   You look like you’re having a stroke!


2Shoes :  My brain’s sizzled from all this paying close attention.  Remarkable stuff though.   I,  myself,  would love to hear from Reesha’s diary again.  You said before she rides in stakes races?


 Snake  :  She does all of that.   What say you,  Red Reesha?


Reesha :  Sounds okay with me; You long-hair leaping Green Gnome.


 Snake  :  That’s cold,  Reesha.   Even for you.   All those desiring Reesha’s diary, stand up!    Christ,  Red.   It’s unanimous,  so I guess you’re stuck.


Reesha :  Evidently.    Practice your eye exercises while I find it………



  Okay.   Here it is.   May 27th.



    Bathed in Aurora at  8  and got fidgety and scrambled waiting to meet with Blue.  I mean,  he’s so gorgeous and clever and brave,  and here I am all dull and ugly with no personality at all.  I’m really blessed to be alone with him.



“ BLUE “



    “You were really cute the other night at Yashoda’s party.”  Blue says softly.  Especially playing charades,  jumping all around like that.  I look at him in disbelief, then lightly smile.  Blue smiles back but doesn’t say anything, so we just watch each other’s eyes.   His are firey red and look like windows that open out into the universe.

    “Hey,  Reesh.”  he finally says to me, and I realize that’s the first time anyone’s called me ‘Reesh’  except for Radha. 

    “I should have let you in on this prank I played that night.”   I give him a puzzled expression.  “What?”


“I had two friends at the party.  Patruck and Moe.  But they didn’t know each other.  So,  I told each one in private, that the other had a severe hearing problem so you really had to talk loud to them.   But not to let on, because each one was hyper-sensitive about their problem.”   Blue takes my shoulders and laughs.   “Then I just sat around all night watching these two guys  Scream  at each other!

    That’s so funny I squeal out laughing and can’t stop for anything   I must have giggled on and off for a whole minute.   He’s so  funny .







    I changed my clothes at the racetrack and began warming up Basharay.  He seemed to know that something exciting was about to happen and was frisky as a foal.  I wasn’t much better and we pumped each other up more than calmed each other down. I was scrambled.  I’d be racing out there with all those men and this terrified me.   I’m just this little girl and have no business taking part in a man’s sport.

    The race was twice around the half-mile oval and I was sure Basharay wouldn’t last.  He’s sizzling fast in a sprint.  But in a long race….  Forget it.       


    Finally the man blew the conch shell to assemble the horses and we were worthless wrecks.  Fifty yards from the starting line I see Blue making his way toward us on the most beautiful chestnut I’ve ever seen.


    “Hey there,  Red.   Don’t you use a bridle?” 

I shake my head slowly.  “I never have.   Basharay just knows."

    Blue pulls his horse right next to us and our legs are touching.  “Well, you sure are the sexiest jockey in the race.”  Shaking my head while grinning,  I start petting Blue’s horse.

    “Aren’t you going to introduce me?”  I ask shyly.

    “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

Now I think I know.   “You gotta be kidding me.   Her name is  Red?

Blue nods his head.  “I call all my favorite girls,  Red.

    “That’s sweet.  But Basharay won’t beat a horse named  Red.

    “Don’t worry.   He  won’t.   Now listen up,  Reesha” Blue says seriously.  “The men riding those two Arabians over there are brothers.   Be careful of them.  They’ll do anything to make sure one of them wins….even cheat!”  This surprises me,  but I look up and nod.  “And don’t go out to fast,  it’s a long race.”


    “And here, you’ll need these.”  Blue raises his right hand from behind his horse’s flank and he’s holding a helmet and a whip.

    I reach over and take the helmet.  “Thank-you.   But I don’t want the whip.”

    “You will in the last half mile.”

    “No really.   But thank-you anyway.”


    Suddenly Daddy slips a rope over Basharay’s neck and begins leading us toward the starting line.  A young boy does the same to Blue’s horse and instantly we’re set to go.  Basharay and I have to start from far outside, which is definitely the worst position,  but I guess they figure because I’m a girl we don’t have much chance anyway.   And they’re right.


    People are screaming so loudly I can’t even think!  I glance at the stands and there must be a thousand people there,  all standing and waving.  I’m so petrified and have no energy at all.  Like I’ve just awakened from a month long sleep.   My hands are wet and my mouth is dry,  although you’d think it would be the other way around.

    “Good-luck,  Princess.”  and Daddy’s squeezing my knee.  I look down and sigh deeply, then smile.   “Catch me when I fall off”

    Now we’re all set to go and this heavy set man steps onto a platform and we all look at him.  “Alright, now.   It’s twice around the track and I want it clean.   If you-----”

    In a flash Basharay bursts free from Daddy and starts charging down the track !!  I just can’t believe it and struggle with everything I have to bring him up.  “No,  not yet, honey!”  I scream at him,  but he runs at least 200 yards before I can turn him around.   And if that’s not bad enuf,  now he starts galloping back the other way!

    Horses scatter as we approach the starting line, but finally Basharay settles down and stands quietly next to ‘Red’.

    “You don’t get a head start just because you’re a girl,  Reesha.”  Blue says jokingly.

    All of a sudden everything seems so funny that I lower my head and begin laughing.  Next Blue is laughing too but all the other men look angry.  Then one of those brothers looks at me with a mean face.   “Hey, little girl.  Why don’t you just pull out and go home.  Your mommy needs you to help start supper.”

    I feel my face blushing and some of the men start snickering,  then Blue’s face tightens and his eyes are blazing.   “Why don’t you just shut the fuck up.”  he roars with the intensity of  10 men.  “I’ll hit you so low, you’ll never get up!


    The air grows tense as Blue and the other man watch each other, then the starter walks back onto the platform.  “Let’s try it again.” he says sternly while glancing at me.  “You better get a bridle for that horse.”

    I start squirming nervously and don’t know what to do.  “Well,  he’s never worn one.  But …. but he’ll be okay.  Honest.

    “Well, he better be.”  and he stares at Basharay harshly.  Then he raises the checkered flag.   “Alright,  get ready.”


    Daddy holds Basharay tightly as I dig my knees deep into his flanks and prepare for the start.  Everyone holds their breath, quickly the man waves the flag and we’re off !

    Basharay hops high into the air and I almost fall,  then the horse next to us crashes into Basharay’s shoulder and shoves us even farther to the outside.  Frantically clinging to his mane, I drag myself back onto his shoulders and steer us toward the rail.  Four lengths behind all the others, Basharay settles into stride and he’s never run faster.


    Roaring around the first turn, I give up trying to hold him back,  so Basharay gains steadily on the other horses.  Chunks of dirt keep flying into my face,  so I bury my head deep into his neck.  We pass two horses going around the turn and the noise from all the hooves beating is thunderous.  I see a small opening leading to the rail,  so I yank Basharay’s mane to the left and he instinctively understands and cuts in.

    Basharay moves up quickly along the rail,  and going into the far turn we’re second only a length behind the leader!  I keep driving him with my hands and knees and Basharay is hugging the rail so closely I’m sure we’re going to hit it.   Then suddenly we’re passing the stands for the first time and Basharay takes the lead !!   He’s racing like a seasoned veteran.

    People are screaming like crazy and out of the corner of my eye,  I see Daddy waving his hands and urging us on, and this really helps.   Glancing behind me,  we’ve opened up a two length lead and Basharay seems much more relaxed now that we’re in front.  My body surging with excitement,  I realize for the first time we actually have a chance to win!

    Bending around the far turn, I throw my weight to the left and place my neck snugly against Basharay’s neck.  Like two giraffes caressing each other.  We’re really running smoothly,  but now I hear horses behind me and it’s those two brothers.  I keep peeking back, hoping they won’t catch us,  but they both keep gaining.   This is horrible,  but at least they’ll have to go wide to pass us and this should slow them down. Then abruptly one tries to wedge his way between the rail and Basharay.  But there isn’t room! He just keeps coming and I have to decide whether to pull out from the rail or crash?

    Jerking Basharay’s mane to the right, we slowly drift out giving him room to pass on the inside.  But once alongside us, the man keeps urging his Arabian to the outside causing Basharay to move farther and farther from the rail.   Blue was right,  this man is cheating!


    “Don’t!”  I whine at him,  but he keeps doing it and pretty soon we’re 20 feet from the rail.  Now I notice his brother charging past both of us along the inside,  and suddenly it hits me….  The man causing us trouble doesn’t want to win,  he just wants to keep  us  from winning ! 


    “Stop it!”  I scream,  my emotions rattling every pore of my body.  Then I hear that scraping noise above my head,  indicating my telekinesis is about to jump out. Instantly the Arabian hops high into the air and goes off-stride, causing a gap between us and the pole.  Basharay instinctively heads for the inside,  and I think how the potency saved me yet again.  But we’ve lost lots of ground.

    Trailing the other brother by three lengths,  I glance behind me and the only other horse is Blue’s.  I keep driving my hands against Bsashary’s neck and all of a sudden I think he understands.   He’s supposed to pass the horse in front of us.   That it’s a race and he should try to finish first.

    Digging in with my knees, I raise myself high above Basharay’s neck and he starts running smoother.   He likes me in that high position and I feel like I’ve forgotten my own identity and merged with him.   We’re in this together and suddenly I want to win so badly I can’t conceive it!  I just wish I had listened to Blue and taken the whip.


    Snatching the helmet from my head, I start savagely pounding it against Basharay’s rump.  He squeals out and lowers his head running faster than ever.   But now I feel disgusted that I hit him, so I fling my helmet into the dirt below.  Now everything is so tense and confusing, I’m even furious with Basharay;  so I crawl farther up his neck and start whispering into his ear. 

“I hate you…. I love you…. I HATE you……. Loser!

    As if to answer me,  with either love or anger,  Basharay speeds up even more, trying to pass the Arabian on the outside. 

    “That’s it honey!” I shriek at him.   Now we’re alongside and that brother looks at me with hate filled eyes.  “Get back,  Bitch.  he scowls at me,  and if looks could kill I will certainly die.   But we don’t care.

    Around the far turn, Basharay slowly inches up and we’re running neck to neck!  Both horses are battling and fighting with every muscle fiber,  and their feet beating against the dirt sound like explosions.  I keep straining to see who will take the lead,  and sometimes it seems like us,  then quickly it looks like them,  and I just can’t stand the suspense.

    Moving into the stretch, we’re dead even stride for stride,  then they sink helplessly behind as we begin to edge in front!  Now the only horse that can catch us is ‘Red’.

    Looking over my shoulder, she keeps galloping up behind us.  Closer and closer,  but when she gets to within half a length Basharay surges forward with new power.  He won’t let her pass!


    Two hundred yards from home, suddenly things go into slow motion.   Looking down at Basharay,  I see his legs churning,  chest heaving,  knees bending at perfect right angles.   He’s like a song.   And so am I.

    Watching beneath me,  I can see every pebble float by.   Every dirt clod.  Time has never gone slower but I know we’re going to win.


    The streaking wind against my face,  and the almost ghostly sound of Basharay’s feet stroking the dirt,  made me feel apart from it all.  We were no longer held fast on earth ….  but free.   Like the air, wind, and sky.   Free.


We just kept running.  Running with more people than I had ever imagined before,  watching us run.   It was my moment of glory.

    The finish line seemed like a zillion miles away, but little by little it got closer and closer.  We only had a small lead,  but Basharay wasn’t about to give up even one inch!   Sorry, Red…. but I guess he will. 

    I keep driving him and we’re almost there,  almost there …… Then quickly we’re under the finish line so I raise my hand in a gesture of triumph.   We did it!!

    Basharay won’t stop for anything and I really have to struggle to bring him up.  Finally I decide to just canter one more time around the track.  Head spinning, my body has never felt lighter or so alive.  Then I see another black horse running along beside us.  “Nice race, kid.  You’ve got a lot of heart.   And then some."

    Embarrassed,  I look over and grin.  “Thanks-forever.   But he did all the work.”  and I pet Bashary’s neck.


    Now we’re heading down the stretch and people start clutching and jumping all over us.  Quickly someone pulls me off Basharay and next thing I’m riding on their shoulders.   I feel so special.   Having people pat me all over and praise my horse and all.  Gosh, I hope this never ends.  All of a sudden I see Blue.  He’s walking slowly toward us with ‘Red’ following behind.

    “Put me down.”  I say to the people holding me.   Please.  Next thing I’m on the ground and begin walking over toward Blue.  He’s smiling mildly,  but he looks upset too.

    “I just can’t believe it.”  He almost whispers,  his voice filled with uncertainty.

    “Well,  it’s because I’m so much lighter is all.”

    Now Blue looks defiant.  “Wake up,  Reesha.  They put 30 pounds of iron in your saddle to even us up.   I just can’t believe it.   Damn.”

    I nestle my head against his shoulder.  “Are you mad at me.?”

    Blue looks up and sighs.  “It never crossed my mind that you were…… Better than me."

    I don’t know what to do so I dig circles in the dirt with my boot.  “Well, you knew I could ride,”

    Blue shakes his head.  “No ……. not like that.


    Now people are all around congratulating me,  and when I look up again,  Blue is gone.  My heart sinks like a rock and I’ve never felt lonlier.  Moments ago I was happy as could be,  now I feel just crunched.




    Radha was so happy, she cried.  Come to think of it, everyone was kind as could be so this felt wonderful.   But I was still depressed  over Blue.  I sure hope he doesn’t hate me.

    After spending an hour in the arcades, we all gathered in the outdoor arena to hear speeches.  People kept coming by to congratulate me so I felt like a celebrity,  but gave all credit to Basharay.   This one man even offered me 5000 dollars to sell him!   But I could never do that!!

    The first to speak was Queen Yashoda,  and she gave all glories to Lord Vishnu on his celebration day.  Then said how 85 dignitaries are on tour of the provinces, and are coming to Orissa for dinner next week.  She needed a volunteer to head up the cooking,  but no one would do it.   Then to my complete surprise Radha volunteered and people couldn’t have been happier.  I guess her fame as a renown cook is pretty wide spread.   She’s so dear.




                           “ CLIFF GIRLS “




     RADHA                                                                  “ LAYLEETA “



    Radie and Ta were by at eight and we chewed some betel nuts and walked by Aurora.  Radie said not to worry about Blue, that he was quick to flare, but quick to forget..... and I sure liked hearing that.   Turns out he won last year and really expected to win again.   Sorry about that.   Truly,  seriously,  honestly. 

    Mostly,  things are so perfect and flawless,  that my mind starts drifting a thousand miles away.  I watch the moon rising over the river and it seems like it’s rising just for me.   Almost like I can control destiny,  and make things happen just the way I want them.   Now an owl hoots and my mind jumps back to reality.

    I pay attention again and the girls are talking about Lord Vishnu and the spiritual sky.  It seems like no matter what we’re talking about, somehow we get to talking about the Lord, too. Every time!

    “Alright,  you Reesh.”  says Radha and she takes my hand.  “Let’s see how much you know?”  I give a puzzled expression and tilt my head.  “Let’s say someone is worshipping the Vishnu deity nicely,  but doesn’t really love the Lord.   And let’s say someone else isn’t able to worship properly,  but they really love Lord Vishnu.  Which one do you think goes back to Godhead when they die?

   I remember Daddy telling me how important proper worshipping is, so I raise my head while clearing my throat.  “I don’t know.   Probably the one worshipping?”

    No! ….no, no, no ……No!  explodes Radha, and she grabs my arm and squeezes.   “Loving him is much more important,  you silly Reesh!”  Now I can see she’s right and I shyly lower my head.  “That’s why I volunteered for cooking today.   Out of love.”

    Layleeta moves over to Radha and takes her wrist.  “That was so sweet that you offered.  I couldn’t believe you did that.” she says softly.

    “Me either.” sighs Radha.  “It was really loopy.   Like this voice inside me whispered,  “Gracious goodness.   I’m sure to be struck by lightening if I don’t so this.”  Radha takes a deep breath causing this little squeak,  and it’s cute.  “It will be a lot of work.”  and she blinks four times.  “But I overheard Queen Yashoda say,  ‘That anybody that would cook for 85 people must be a saint.

    Instantly I burst out laughing and can’t stop for anything.  I keep trying to pull myself together but it’s just no use.

    “What is it,  Reesh?  Asks Radha.

    Finally I simmer down to just a mild giggle.  “No, honey.  She didn’t say that.  I was there too.”   I look at her lovingly and tightly squeeze her hand.  “She said that anybody that would cook for 85 people must be  insane !

    Layleeta and I explode into laughter and I don’t think we’re ever going to stop.  Finally I start coughing from lack of air and Ta’s laughing so hard she’s crying.   But not Radha.   I grab Layleeta’s arm and motion with my eyes that we should try to stop laughing.   Then Radha looks at me with a dejected face. 

    Really?”  she asks me.

    I slowly nod my head.  “Yeah ….. Oh, Radie.   I’m so sorry.

    “Well then the hell with it.”  snaps Radha, and she stands up.  “I’m not doing it.”

    Ta and I start laughing some more, but finally we calmed Radha down and she agreed to cook again.  She’s the strangest and funniest person I’ve ever met.   And she doesn’t even know it!   Plus she’s got more personality in her little finger than I’ve got in my whole body.   I really love her.




    Inside, everyone was bustling around and they still couldn’t get over how I’d won the race.  Daddy said that 3000 dollars would be donated  to the new Vishnu temple in my name.  This reminded me of what Radha said about loving the Lord, and without warning I’m choking up.   I do love him.  I just hope some day I can learn how to do something with it.


    Lying in bed was wonderful.  And even tho’ I was dead tired from the events of the day, my body was ripe with energy.  Sleep was out of the question, so after an hour or so I took Basharay five apples and two oranges.  I swear he’s the only horse in the world that likes oranges.


    Finding him lying down on the grass,  I kneel next to him, feeding him apples.   But he looks so tired.   Then barely able to lift his head,  he leans up,  struggling,  and kisses my nose.   He’s thanking me!   This breaks me up and quickly I’m in tears.   Throwing my arms around his neck,  I squeeze with all my might while whispering in his ear.   “I love you.  I love you.  I love you ….. Champ.





                                Preview of coming attractions :



    ---   Lets put insomnia to sleep.


    ---  Why are our children killing?


    --- Want to become wait less?




Kind readers:


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                                            Fondly,   Reef