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2Shoes :  Reesha,  that is switched-out!   Is it true?


Reesha :  I’m pretty sure,  but it’s kind of dreamy.


2Shoes :  Gosh, Reesha.  I could talk horses with you for hours.


Reesha :  Well, we have 157 trillion years,  right Princess?


2Shoes :  Hey,  Reesh.   What’s the lamest track you ever went to?


Reesha :  Standard bred or flat races?


2Shoes :  Either ….. Both.


Reesha :  Well,  Northville for the trotters, ….. let’s see….. Probably   Centennial in Denver for the thoroughbreds.   Yikes, Shoes.  It was a nightmare.  The string of broken down losers they paraded thru there.


2Shoes :  That bad, eh?


Reesha :  You had 2 dollars and 50 cent Claimers.   Glue factory rejects. 

O for 95 starters.   Teen-age horses.


2Shoes :  You’re hysterical.  I wish everyone knew horses like we do.  Just so our kind readers know.   The cheapest Claiming price is 25 hundred,  and the oldest racehorses are maybe six.


Reesha :  Blind horses.   Three-legged horses……


2Shoes :  Reesha,  stop!   You’re breaking me up ……


 Snake  :  Very entertaining,  kids.   But I was just handed our first question from an E-mailer.  Michelle from St. Louis asks,  What’s happening to our kids?  Why are they killing each other,  their parents,  teachers,  pregnant women?   There’s no reason!     Actually,  there is,  Shell.   Reesha,  didn’t you substitute teach at the school where Dylan Kleebold and friends murdered all those kids?


Reesha :  Columbine?  Yeah.   They seemed fine when I was there.


 Snake  :  Moses was in high school when you were there.  The problem  is more recent. 


Reesha :  Well, are you going to share with the class?


 Snake  :  By all means.  The biggest reason is abortion.  The kids doing these heinous crimes are the kids we aborted back in the 70’s and 80’s.  And they’re back!   They don’t value life.  Heck,  why should they?  We didn’t value their lives when we sucked them from their mother’s womb.


Reesha : So it’s revenge?


 Snake  :  Partially.  These kids were probably spiraling down in their recent past lives due to bad karma.  They were abused,  alienated,  misunderstood,  taken for granted.   Eventually, they didn’t even deserve a chance at life, so they were murdered.   Aborted. 


 Aries  :  From now on let’s just refer to abortion as  “Baby-killing.”  We all right with that?


 Snake  :  So let it be written,  so let it be done. 


 Aries  :  From  ‘The ten Commandments’.  Right?


 Snake  :   So you do pay attention,  my wise little friend.  


 Aries  :  And anyone involved in the  baby killing  is aborted in their next births?   For karmic punishment.


 Snake  :  Definitely.  Don’t you get tired of being right all the time?


 Aries  :  Hey,  I’m just warming up.  So it’s a vicious circle?  How do you break it?


 Snake  :  With mercy,  and respecting life instead of devaluating it.  Reesha’s our leader regarding this.  She catches flies and then releases them outside.  She’s got nimble hands.  I’ve seen her catch two in one swoop.  Plus she allows any insects she finds to stay with her until she sees them on their backs dying,  then she gently takes them and places them on her grass so they can die in comfort,  with dignity and respect ……..  Are you crying,  Stee? 


 Aries  :  No.   I just got a …….  Yes.    Reesha’s so tender and good.   Why is she always so damn  good  all the time.   I hate her!


Reesha :  I hate you, too.   But it’s not just me,  Ries.   Ghandi used to carry a broom on his walks so he could sweep ants away to avoid stepping on them.


 Aries  :  Everyone should be like them.   How come we’re not?


 Snake  :  No mercy.  Empathy.  Respect.


 Aries  :  Blue was so smart to invent karma.  Showing people the pain they created for others when it comes back around on them.  So they know how it feels.


 Snake  :  Blue wanted to just forgive them.  Give them all ‘get our of jail free’ cards.  Then Reesha reminded him that this kind of love isn’t enough to ever change them.  They’ll always remain the same so there’s no benefit.   Finish up,  Red.


Reesha :  You need intelligence too.  Intelligence plus love equals mercy,  and mercy is the goal.   There’s nothing higher.   Intelligence without love is cold and uncaring.  Love without intelligence is fanaticism.   You need them both.


 Aries  :  Do you have an example?


Reesha :  One of Reef’s disciples had the love only,  so here’s what happened.  She had some old clothes.  Really nice expensive stuff, and some classy jewelry.  So she goes down to North Las Vegas and begins randomly handing them out to prostitutes on their stroll.  Reef’s intelligence knew what would happen but she wouldn’t listen.   So there were ‘cat-fights’,  knives pulled,  vicious threats,  blood.   All because they couldn’t calmly sort out distribution.   It was just every girl for herself.   Very ugly.  So when you want to display your love,  make sure you always respect logic by using your intelligence first.

    But I did get a stunning motorcycle jacket out of the deal.   Debra took two weeks and embroidered the letters  SHIVA  on the back,  surrounded by peacocks.  She had real potential,  but wasn’t convicted to her guru.  Just cared about herself.


 Aries    :  What happened to her?


Reesha :  Um ……………


 Snake  :  She killed herself.


 Aries  :  Heaven forbid!   Why?


 Snake  :  Cause I insisted Reef break up with her.  Give her the boot.  She was killing him!   And was never going to learn how to love selflessly.  Too selfish.


 Aries  :  And she couldn’t bear losing Reef?


 Snake  :  Apparently.   Same for Reef’s first two girlfriends.  I made him leave them also. 


 Aries  :  Same result?   Suicide.


 Snake  :  Yup.   They were selfish and stupid and didn’t realize Reef’s value and worth until he was gone.  These girls are what I call  ’typical matrix clowns’.  


 Aries  :  And now Dreamer’s next?


 Snake  :  No.   Dreamer’s and Aries expansion.    You said so yourself.


 Aries  :  But what does that mean?


 Snake  :  Aries is a combination of Radha and Reesha.  Reef could never hurt another Reesha.  Reesha’s have extra mercy for each other because they know how it feels to be unappreciated. 


 Aries  :  But I love Dreamer.  I’m worried about her.


 Snake  :  Dreamer will be alright.  She’s got a soft heart,  just like you.  Some day she’ll come out of this all  Shiny Bright.  It just takes time.


  Cute  :  Aries,  why did you say you hated Reesha?


 Aries  :  That was peculiar.   I don’t know.


 Snake  :  Her love reservoir just over-flowed.  Spiritual people have these love reservoirs and when they spill over it transfers and comes out as hate.  It’s still love.   Mostly.   It just tastes different.  It’s necessary or sweet people like you would just blow up and explode,  they love so deeply.  Plus each time it overflows it expands and gets bigger for the next time.


  Cute  :  Gosh, Snake.   Is there anything you  don’t  know?  


 Snake :  You tell me. 


Reesha :  Greeny,  if I don’t tell our kind readers about my trampoline soon,  I’m going to explode!


 Snake  :  By all means.  Our next segment is health.


 Parvi  :  Tell the whole story first,  you Reesh.   Tie it together.


Reesha ;  Well,  Reef was 30 and had just divorced his wife,  Zlee,  because she wasn’t going to follow along with Reef’s search for God.  So he moves to California to stay with his parents.  Now my father was an abusive, demanding, overpowering,  workaholic that took a few swipes at me every   day,  whether I deserved it or not.   And I worshipped him.   So I arrive and he goes, “You’ve got 30 days to find a job,  then I want you OUT!   So I did.


    I was reading Shrila Prabhupada’s books,  plus chanting four hours a day,  while waking up at 4 a.m  to write in Reesha’s diary before teaching school.  I gradually familiarized them with my guru’s teachings and they caught on fast.  Ace  immediately gives up eating meat the instant I explain it’s significance,  plus for years he preached that to people at church and friends;   eventually convinced a dozen or so.

    Aennie,  my mom,  really took to chanting the holy names.  She adored Parvi and is responsible for my ‘goodness’.   Plus she is really switched.   Loves  football while playing golf twice a week,  and can almost shoot her age which is now 86.   Totally cool girl! 


    So in a few weeks they begin purifying and Reef isn’t going anywhere!  They adored him and were so,  so,  grateful.  Eight years later Reef moves to Las Vegas to play the horses and win enuf money to publish Reesha’s diary.  And guess what?  Two weeks later the parents sell their house and follow him there cause they couldn’t stand living without his spiritual guidance and his connection to  Parvi and Blue.   Ace died a decade ago while chanting the Holy Names with Princess Parvati’s picture on his chest.   Reef bought Aennie an expensive house with his race track winnings,  and she continues chanting thrice daily and is a fabulous devotee of Parvi.  Plus she is helping  immensely in this publication.


    Now,  I told you all that so I could tell you this.   When I get to California I’m doing service at the Berkeley temple, but still accompanying my parents to the Greek Orthodox church where I meet Melody.   I recognized instantly she was a Radha expansion so naturally we hit it off.   I never wanted another girl in my life and had planned the life of a celibate mendicant.  But she was pushy.   Claimed she was just interested in finding God.  So she gave up meat,  started chanting,  looked pure from the outside,  but more than God  she wanted Reef.   And she was ravishing, and skinny, and really knew how to use make-up.   So Reef’s goose was cooked.


 Parvi  :  I can tell this is getting to you, honey.  First time you typed Melody’s name wrong six times.  Let me continue for awhile.


Reesha :  Thanks forever.


 Parvi  :  So these two kids become an item,  then one morning Reef gets up and he’s seeing double.  This goes on a few days so Melody insists Reef see a doctor.  Turns out he’s got Optic Neuritis which is a precursor to Multiple Sclerosis,  and since his uncle died from it,  Reef is cooked,  again!   He had a Lumbar Puncture and his neurologist says he’s got about a month of walking,  then it’s a wheelchair for life because his L.P. really stank.


 Snake  :  Wasn’t Melody’s husband a real prick,  so you had to kick him around?


Reesha :  He wouldn’t leave her alone,  so I pick her up next day and he’s harassing her, and they’re screaming crazy-wild,  plus neighbors are scared and Melody’s crying,  so I snapped.


 Parvi  :  Melody said when Reef decided to fight he just ‘swelled up’ and looked ten feet tall with eyes blazing with rage.  Even though Don outweighed him by 100 pounds he fell to his knees and peed his pant,  he was that scared!


 Snake  :  Reef’s the smartest ‘street-fighter’ I ever saw.   He had training.   Fought Golden Gloves, was a blue belt in Karate.   He wouldn’t stop unless you killed him.


Reesha :  Don’t sugar-coat it, Snake.  My last boxing match that black brother from Cincinnati hit me everywhere but the bottoms of my feet!


 Snake  :  That dude was a middle-weight ‘contender’ for Christ’s sake.  Paddy never should have let you fight him.                                                  


Reesha : Snake!!   The judges scored the fight  + 123  to  -16  for crying out loud!


 Snake  :  That’s a load of crap.  Plus he didn’t knock you out.   And,  you knocked him down once!


Reesha :  Big mistake there.  He got so,  so,  pissed after that. 

    Anyway,  so I drag Don to his feet and one-punched him.   He was a sissy.   Now I’m going to strangle the life out of him,  and probably would have, but the police came and dragged me off him.

    Anyway,  I told you all that so I could tell you this.  I liked walking and running, so now I’m mostly blind with this dark future.   I keep asking Parvi what’s the point?   All these trials and tests.   It seemed too soon cause I didn’t feel ready.


 Parvi  :  So I explain they’re not tests,  there just  ‘preparations’ .    God sees that Reef has surrendered and now he’s preparing him for the next chapter.


Reesha :  So Parvi says she’ll need a day to figure this out,  then she’ll have a solution.  Meanwhile Melody’s prowlin’ around for wheelchairs and vowing to push me for the rest of my life.


 Aries  :  So the solution is a trampoline?


Reesha :  Snake,  it’s torchure going back there.   Do you mind, honey?


 Snake  :  Sure, kitten.  M.S. is a nerve disorder.  Your lymphatic nodes capture poisons in the body so your nerves are unimpeded.   But M.S. disrupts these nodes so they’re ineffective.  Plus these lymph nodes only point in one direction;   Unless  your body becomes  weightless,  then they reverse direction.  That’s why astronauts return home from space healthier than when they left.  The inverted lymph nodes capture twice the poison, purifying the body double, which makes anyone feel twice as good.   I don’t    care who you are!


 Reesha :  And it works too!!   Reef was a little wobbly at first and fell down some,  but after a few months he was fine!  Stayed that way too.


 Aries  :  That is inspiring!   How come no one is aware?


 Snake  :  Reef wrote scores of letters to the M.S. foundation,  but no one heard.  Tell them about Casper.


Reesha :  Oh, yeah!   I met this gentleman that was 45 and his legs were dead.   But he wanted to try the trampoline.


 Parvi  :  So that dear-heart Reesh would position him on his knees and then she would push down on the trampoline with her hands so Casper would slowly rise up and down.  After a few weeks Casper could push down on his own, and after a month he could stand and rear up on his toes, then fall to his heels.  Next he got a bar so he could stand alone without Reef.  Then we moved to Las Vegas but Casper is probably walking now!!


 Aries  :  Holy Criminnie.   How come nobody knows this?


 Snake  :  Probably prefer to leave things the way they are.   More money that way.


 Aries  :  That sucks!


Reesha :  So 6 to 12 inches is plenty enough height.  And if you just go ‘up’ on your toes,  then ‘down’ on your heels,  that’s nice too.   The absolute ‘tippy-top’  apex of your jump is when you become weightless for just a fraction, and that’s all you need.  Just play with it and make up your own fun routines.   So, there.   Class over.


 Snake  :  Nicely done.   Now tell us the story about that thief at the ‘Roadrunner’.   That’s one fight you didn’t lose.


Reesha :  I hate this story,  makes me feel like a coward…….    Okay,  that idiot Parvi of mine wanted to play poker so I park Holly,  then I’m walking across the lot and this lunatic jumps out from between cars with a six inch blade and pants,  “I’m either taking your wallet or your life!


 Parvi  :  So that playful Reesh goes,  “Either way you won’t be getting much.”   Do you believe that girl!?


 Snake  :  So the guy starts snickering and Reef sees an opening so he kicks the knife out of his hand,  tosses him to the ground and begins smashing his face with Holly’s helmet.


 Aries  :  What’s a Holly?


 Snake  :  Just Reef’s motorcycle.  A Yami  ‘Midnight Special’.   She’s a real beauty,


 Aries  :  What color?


 Snake  :  You should know.   Purple and gold.


 Aries  :  I’m so,  so,  Pesty.   AGAIN!   Sorry.   Kindly finish the story.


 Snake  :  The guy’s jaw was broken,  so Reef grabs the knife for  a souvenir, then flies out of there.


 Parvi  :  So next day Reef feels rotten-lousy, finds the guy in the hospital, apologizes for not fighting fair,  then offers him 300 dollars if he promises to stop being a stick-up man.  This guy is eating his meals through a straw,  so naturally he took the deal.


2Shoes :  What a unique individual that Reef if.   Very exciting life.


Reesha :  You want to trade?


2Shoes :  Not a chance.   Hey, Snake.  Us dumb, drunk, ‘redskins’ on the reservation can’t figure out that Pi angle with the horses.  Could you give us a little more.  Please.


 Snake  :  Don’t talk about Native Americans like that.  They deserve honor.  And don’t broadcast this.   Ever!   Shoes,  you need to find the rhythm.  Go back three races and give each race a number based on the finish relative to the odds.  1 is excellent.  2 is good to average.  3 is average to poor,  and 4 is fuck-shit.  Just assign those numbers to each race and then get 50 racing forms and find each combination in the past performances at least 30 times,  then do the work.   One of them is  MAGIC!  

    Since you’re a friend,  I’ll start if out for you.


           It won’t be either:     1    or      4            And only 10:1’s or higher. 

                                                                      Plus the horse needs to have                                                

                                          1             4            finished at least 2 lengths                               

                                                                       behind in his last race.

                                          1             4


2Shoes :  Thanks forever,  Bro’


 Snake  :  Anytime,  Dog.    Let’s take a sex break.  I mean sext break.       


 Aries  :  What’s a sext break?


 Snake :  It’s six o’clock.   The 6th hour since noon.   Am I the only one that knows Latin?


 Parvi  :  Apparently.   Alright,  but only if I get you for this phantom sext break.   Or that delirious red-girl of mine.


Reesha :  It’s a date,  Purrrrrrple.   You people that need  sext  drive me berserk!  






 Snake  :  Greetings,  Hawk.  What’s on your mind?


  Hawk  :  I have insomnia.  It’s like I’m never really asleep, and never really awake.  Is there something,  O’ wise one?


 Snake  :  Definitely.   Reef had insomnia.  Never took naps as a child, and only ‘passed out’  from liquor and drugs most of his adult life.


 Parvi  :  You’re forgetting the sweeper.


 Snake  :  Sweeper!   Are you daft?   What sweeper?


 Parvi  :  The only nap Reef ever took was when he was five and Aennie was running the vacuum and it somehow put Reef to sleep.  Then after she discovered that, she would run it at nap-time and it worked.   Mostly.


 Snake  :  They must have had the cleanest carpets on the block!    Let’s start with possible medications.   Never prescription drugs,  they’re a dangerous joke.  And you must free your mind.   No regrets,  guilt,  or worries.  Do this by  doing unto others as you would have others do unto you.”  My pal Jesus.  Plus a  full-on  conviction in God’s love and Reesha’s mercy.  You’ll be so pure, sleep will be easy.   But if this is untenable,  you know me,  there’s always a few tricks.


     (1)    There’s a drug called Diphenhydramine.  This is an antihistamine that relieves congestion,  controls allergies,  stops itching,  and promotes sleep.  Holy Criminnie.  They should put that shit in our water!   It’s found in Benadryl, most sleeping pills, and Reef prefers ‘Wal-dryl’ from Walgreens cause it’s far cheaper.  Next is Melatonin, which the body makes on it’s own to help aid sleep.  These two combined is more than enough.   Take one of each  60 to 90  minutes before bed time, and again right at sleep-time.  You may double the dosage if necessary,  but don’t exceed that.   It’s foolish.   Since they’re water soluble, there’s no difference in taking  4 or 40.  So save your money and your stommy,.


     (2)    Also do the stretching exercise I taught you right at sleep-time.


     (3)    Spend no more than ten minutes reviewing the events of your ‘so-called’  day


     (4)    Now lie flat on your stomach with your head resting on either your left cheek or right.  Play with it.  Reef prefers his right.  Position your feet about six inches apart.  Dangle your feet over the end of the bed, about one inch below where your toes start.  You should substantially feel this crease pushing against your feet.  If you don’t like this way,  just get comfortable however you want.

    Now rock your heels from side to side as if you were trying to slap them together, so they strike each other.   But this shouldn’t happen because they’re six inches apart.  Just move them towards each other,  then quickly apart again. 

    The pace should flow gently, but rapid.  Play with it.  You will be amazed at how long you can continue this.  It’s actually quite soothing and pleasurable.  Reef can plod along like this for 20 minutes.  Don’t fear pulling a muscle or having them sore the next day.   If you do,  then you’re doing something wrong.   This exercise has  no  ill effects.   Plus, you’re burning up a substantial amount of calories while just trying to fall asleep!

    Let your mind just tumble.  Think pleasant thoughts.   Don’t plan anything.  Hear mental music if you’re so inclined.  If nothing else works,  just count the number of times you move your heels together and apart.  Reef counts to 100 and then begins again.  Your mind should be partially active,  but no more.  All this is logical, so  respect it.   If you believe in Reesha, she’ll send some ’tinker-belle’  fairies to assist you.   So, there.  Nitey- nite”.


  Hawk  :  Your methods are so, so,  simple and succinct.   That ’always respect logic’  crowd you tag around with?   Count me  in!!   Kindly allow me a quick follow-up tho’?     ………     I’ll take your silence as a ’yes’.    I keep hearing that sugar is a poison.   Any truth to that?


 Snake  :  Not really.  Sugar is in the mode of ’goodness’.   However, when combined with meat fat  (which is the mode of ignorance)  it does cause a poisonous combination.   So just avoid meat by never eating anything with a face,  and you can have all the sugar you want. 

    Plus the human body wasn’t even built to digest meat.  Our intestines are long, narrow and curved.  If you stretch them out they’re nine times your height.  Where a dogs or tiger’s are short, narrow, and wide.  Our teeth are constructed to chew vegetables and grains;   Not to tear flesh.  And none of this crap like, “but God gave us incisors, so we can eat meat.”  Ours are like monkeys,  not wild beasts.  Fruits, grains, and vegetables,  kids.  Totally vegetarian.  Want more proof?   Contrast the incisors of a meat-eating Baboon to a typical banana eating monkey.  Two I inch difference.   Wake-up!                        

    Hawk,  you’re very close to liberation.   Plus my brother, Vivasvan, the sun-God’s  nickname is also Hawk.  So I have a warm spot in my heart.  Be merciful to the kind, gentle animals and your insomnia will vanish.  Reef was totally dispeptic until he started peeling off the layers of illusion around his heart, until nothing was left but his soul.

    The soul is joyous by nature.   Since Reef exposed his, there’s no chance for grief or pain, only ebullience.  Baby’s don’t sleep that well.   Christ, Hawk!   Go sit by Aries.  She’s crying too.   God’s fist;   I’ve got sissies on my team!   No, wait.  That just jumped out.  Me and my big mouth!   You’re really just soft around the heart  Amazons.   For real.


 Hawk  :  I feel so,  so,  awkward  saying  “I love you”  to someone.  So I’ll just say,  I heart you.”


 Snake  :  “I heart you, too”.

Just so you know;   Anything growing above ground is in the mode of ‘goodness’.   Anything growing along the ground is the mode of passion.  And those things growing below the ground,  like onions, radishes, and garlic,  are in the mode of ‘ignorance’  and must be avoided.   Don’t listen to science and nutritionists.   All their findings are  Bullshit!   Trust the devil on this one,  kids.   Honestly.


 Hawk  :  Why aren’t potatoes in the mode of goodness…… Lucifer?


 Snake  :  There is an exception to every rule.   And potatoes are it!!  They are the ‘king’ of vegetables.  Even potato chips are cool, as long as they’re fried in vegetable oil. 


 Aries  :  I sure like the sound of that!   Ebullience?  Another Latin word?  Ah, shucks…. My alter-ego Pesty is about to erupt.  Sorry.  I’m so close to Reesha’s one meal a day ‘scam’,  but I keep falling short.  By just a few hours.   Help!


 Snake  :  You can’t fall short.   It takes 18 hours of no food before you begin burning fat.  Your brain actually gets scared that you’re starving and so it orders the body to burn fat.   Don’t trust these lunatics that tell you to eat six times a day.  No hope like that.   Gosh, Aries.   I helped design the

body!   Kindly trust me on this.


 Aries  :  Example please?


 Snake  :  Let’s say your lost in the desert.  You begin burning fat so be sure you have enough energy in case you have to chase after a car to save your life!   This began back in cave-men times in case you got separated from the group;  or you were chased into a cave by lions, tigers and bears.


 Aries  :  Oh, my!


 Snake  :  But I understand,  Stee.   Just take two teaspoons of baker’s yeast and ½ teaspoon of black pepper.  Pepper makes your stommy turn bright red, because it’s antigenic.  Plus yeast rises,  so combine the two in water, milk, or juice,  and your stomach should inflate,  easing your hunger pangs.


 Aries  :  Snakey!  Perhaps we just invented a fourth way to lose weight.  What say you?


 Snake  :  Well,  Pesty-ie.   Could very well be.  I’ll have one of the ushers bring you a gold star as your reward.


 Aries  :  Switch!   But where will I put it?


 Parvi  :  Just put it with the others.


 Aries  :  This is fun!   Now Pesty has to test out her new gold star.  But aren’t you destroying life when you eat things above the ground?


 Snake  :  What!   Give me back that gold star.  God,  Stee.   Wake-up!   If you pick an apple, are you killing the apple tree?  If you trim your fingernails are you killing your fingers?   It’s actually pleasurable for the tree if you pick it’s apples.  Less weight for it’s branches to hold up.


Aries  :  Sorry.   Ebullience?


 Hawk  :  This pesty pestilence is spreading.  I have a follow-follow - up question.  I’m only being rude because you love me.   You said so yourself.


 Snake  :  Go ahead.


  Hawk  :  Thank-you,  your Grace.   What’s a sampridaya priest?


 Snake  :  You must be a relative of Aries.   Let me say this as simply and succinctly as possible.  A priest like Reef has the power to bless anyone he chooses,  or crush anyone he chooses,  just as easy as dialing on the telephone.   But he rarely uses it.  Too tricky to know what is best for someone. 


 Hawk  :  Got it.


 Aries  :  Could we have an example ..……  What was that Hawk called you?   Oh, yeah.   Your Grace.


 Snake  :  Stop that reverence shit.  Both of you.  You’re my friends,  not my servants.   Weren’t you listening???   I heart you.


    So six months ago Dreamer really wanted a second dog.  So Reef arranged it with some angel friends and she got one and was  so,  so,  delighted.   Next thing, her old dog mates with her new dog,  now suddenly she has 11 dogs.   She can’t figure out what to do?


 Hawk  :  I’ve got an old burlap sack,   plus I live close to the river?


 Aries  :  Gross.


 Snake  :  Frantically she tries selling them,  then giving them away,  but 7 still remain after four months.  Plus if her landlord finds out she’ll be evicted cause she’s only allowed two dogs.  Ask her now, and she’ll tell you wanting a second dog was her worst desire ever !!  See why Reef’s so cautious?


 Aries  :  Got it.


 Snake  :  Reesha, did you find that chapter about ‘The Light’?


Reesha :  Yes,  your Grace.


 Snake  :  Don’t crack wise with me, dapple-face.   So are you going to read it?


Reesha :  Yes,  your Grace.





                             Preview of coming attractions:          



                     ---   Reesha’ Diary:   The Cliff Girls  vs.  The Light!


                     ---   Yes, Virginia.  There is a Fountain of Youth