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Monday, May 8th


The day was quiet and serene,..... but I didn’t notice. For I was deep in thought and not even thinking about where I was going. Stretching out beneath the trees, I thought how Orissa was such a wonderful place. Full of things to look into, and explore, and enjoy. I was happy we’d moved here and was starting to feel a part of it all.

I grew to love the forest. The cooing of the doves, and the hum of dragonflies in the air, made it always seem alive. Like the whole world was living there. And when the leaves rustled overhead, it was like the spirits were whispering about all the little rumors they had started. Now and then, a cuckoo would start up and I’d try to answer. But I wasn’t very good. At one point I see a huge hawk soaring overhead, drifting gracefully against the white clouds. I waved and wondered what I must look like to him. Far below.

Radha came by around noon and I decided to go selling with her. We ferried across the river at one, then Radha set up her booth along the road into town. It was crowded. People bustling all around shopping and visiting. Carriages clit-clopping along the hard dirt road. Girls gossiping, men laughing, and so many noises I couldn’t keep them all straight! There were hundreds of brightly dressed women wearing zillions of different colors and it was inspiring. I was glad I came.

In an hour Radha and I went to eat lunch at this quaint café. We both ordered creamed spinach and fried cauliflower. Yum! We talked about all sorts of things, then somehow Radha got onto reincarnation. She said whatever you think about at the time of death is what you become. Mostly.

So we vowed to think of each other and Blue. That way we’d all be together in our next life.

“But I’m pretty sinful, you Reesh. I may not make it as a human next time …. What do you want to become if you can’t be a person?

I wrinkle my mouth and look at the sky. “I don’t know. Probably….. I think probably a spider.”
“ A spider, eh? Hmmm. I think I want to be a fruit. Maybe an avocado.” This makes me laugh.

“An avocado? But if you’re an avocado, how will I know you?”

Radha thinks for a moment, then touches my hand. “Oh, you’ll know me. I’ll be the only avocado whose best friend is a spider.

Later we cooled off by Aurora and ferried home. Basharay wasn’t around so we walked home. I was pretty tired but Radha said to rest up cause she would sneak over tonight and get me. Then we’d go walking and exploring.

Everyone was gone when I got home, so eating an apple I curled up on the couch and rested. What a fun day I had. Radha is the best friend in the whole wide world.

Stretching and yawning, I rolled over and buried my face tightly into the corner of the couch. I felt so tranquil. All tired and tingly. I just love knowing I’ll be falling asleep soon. There’s nothing better.



My body’s shaking and it’s Radha waking me up. “Come on, Reesh. Get up.” Radha’s climbing thru’ my window, then she’s sitting on the bed. “Come on you.” and she’s tickling my tummy.

“Don’t !” I say flinging my pillow at her.

Finally I’m awake but I’m starving. I guess I slept right through dinner and everything. Going to the kitchen, I get two apples and we sneak out the back door. It’s a still dark night with lots of stars and the moon won’t rise for another hour yet. Radha takes my hand and leads me across the road.

“We’re going to a new place I found. It’s real special, Reesh. I little rivulet with shiny stones and gushing water.”

“Oh, but Radeeka. I’m not very awake for this.”

“That’s alright. I know a short-cut.” and she pauses. “I think.”

We walk for about ten mminutes and I really don’t come awake at all. Then the wind comes up and Radha looks all around. She’s confused.

“This short-cut was a bad idea.” I say softly.

“What do you mean bad idea. Look how fast we got lost!”

This makes me giggle but I’m still not having any fun. “Well, let’s wait till tomorrow, Radie. When it’s light.

“I think it’s right over this way. You wait here and I’ll check.” She walks off to the right and I watch her disappear into the darkness. The wind gusts and the leaves rustle.

“Ow! …. Damnit!” cries Radha.

“I can’t see you. What’s happening?”

“Nothing good. There’s thorn bushes all around here. We can’t get through.” Soon she’s back and we’re heading the other way. Then it gets cooler so we must be close to water.

There it is!” shouts Radha. She drags me over and we stand on the bank of the rivulet. It’s maybe eight feet across and just lovely, with it’s water gurgling and it’s radiant stones glowing with hidden underwater light. Glimmering.

I see many different colored rocks but the prettiest are the gold, blue, and purple. Sparking like jewels. This makes me happy and I’m glad I came. I can hear the sounds of the night birds over the churning water and it’s nice.

We just stand here, neither one of us wanting to do anything else. Closing my eyes, my feet feel like they’re growing into the soil. Like roots of a tree. I’m feeling so peaceful I could almost fall asleep standing up. An owl hoots behind me and turn to look, but there’s dazzling white light blazing everywhere and it’s blinding me!! Like a million sons! I cover my eyes and turn my head.

“What is it, Reesh?” I double over like someone punched my stomach and my head is splitting apart. “Reesh. What’s wrong!” I grab Radha’s leg and try to pull myself up. Feeling dizzy, I collapse on the grass.

Radha’s screaming crazy-wild! Her body a silhouette against the blazing white light. She backs up into me and trips, falling into the rivulet. She splashes madly, then I reach out to her and she grabs my hand. Pulling herself out, we look behind us and it’s gone. Black.

Everything is back as before. Like nothing ever even happened. I can still hear the sounds of the night birds. Taking a deep breath, I feel a shiver go thru’ my entire body. “What the hell’s shit poop was that?” I ask tensely.

“I don’t know. And I don’t want to stick around to find out.”

Grabbing hands, we start running home and it’s the darkest ever. That light really blinded my eyes and I can barely see. My whole body is in shock and all I want to do is run. My head is pounding and my throat is dry, but I barely notice.

Running thu’ the night, my mind is a blank but something keeps bothering me. Deep in the back of my brain there’s a problem. Something wasn’t right. I can’t quite get it, but then suddenly it comes.

There was no reflection! The light had appeared behind us with no reflection. That’s it !! And when I turned my head away, it was completely gone. It hadn’t lit up the place like an ordinary light, and Radha didn’t see it at first either. She had to look at it before she even knew it was there! Suddenly I get a horrid thought. If that’s all true, then maybe it’s behind us right now!

Afraid to look, I keep running faster than ever. But this keeps bothering me. Teasing me.

Quickly I look over my shoulder and blazing white light is

EVERYWHERE !! I Stumble and fall, then Radha’s screaming. Scrambling up, I grab her hand and we start to run. We take about five steps forward when suddenly Radha flies backwards and hit’s the ground. I go back for her but she’s being sucked along the ground. Kicking and scratching at the dirt, she shrieks hysterically. I jump on top of her but now we’re both being dragged backwards.

Looking up, all I can see is the Light. White, flashing, blinding! All of a sudden Radha stops screaming and she’s motionless. She just stares at me and her eyes are turning white. Now they’re starting to shine. Then her eyes are so bright I can’t look anymore. I’m terrified ! Somehow that light has gotten into her body!

“Get out!” I shriek. “Get out of her!”

I look up and the light is directly over my head. Blazing down toward me it’s getting nearer and nearer. Shutting my eyes, I look away and I’m getting sleepy. I pull Radha to my chest and hold her head in my arms. I start thinking back to this afternoon on the couch and all I want to do is sleep. Then my body’s all hot and somehow I’m changing. Like I’m losing my personality. I’m becoming someone else and I can’t stop it!

Almost asleep, I hear that scraping noise above my head and I open my eyes and the light’s not as bright. It seems to be drifting away. Then Radha starts moving and I begin to feel stronger. Now I’m mad !!

“Stop it!” I scream. “Stop it! Stop it !!!

The light explodes in a flash and is gone. Nothing. My eyes are burning and all I see is black. Radha’s hugging me from behind, then I fall to my knees and start crying. My body twitches, my eyes start blinking, and my face gets numb. I’m having a seizure. I’m almost out when I feel this pain in my head. Seething! I start to come back awake and Radha’s pulling my hair.

“Come on, Reesh. Stay awake.” Next thing I’m wide awake and my hair is on fire!

“Yeah, okay. I’m back.” But she just keeps pulling and it’s killing me. “Ow! Stop damnit, I’m okay!” Finally she stops and I start rubbing my head.

“Hey, that works pretty good, you Reesh. You came right back awake. Lucky your hair is so sensitive. I’ll have to remember that.”

“No! You have to forget that.” Getting to my feet, I shake my head violently and take three deep breaths. Then we snatch hands and start trotting home. I’m so scared and shaken I’m in shock. I want to start crying but it’s like I’ve forgotten how. And when I try to rememer what happened, it seems like a zillion years ago. Everything is so foggy.

We just keep running. My chest burns, my legs ache, and my hair’s throbbing. Branches and leaves strike against my face but I don’t care, I just want to get home.

Instantly I’m flying thru’ the air, then my face is skidding along the leaves. My cheeks are muddy and I’m tasting dirt. Radha’s got me up and we scramble off running again. Across a meadow, down a hill, and around three big trees. Then we’re through the last clump of bushes and to the road. I’m so happy!!

Crossing the road, we walk through the pine trees at the right of my house, heading toward the river. Basharay likes to sleep there so I start looking for him.

“I’ll find Basharay and you can ride him home.”

“Thanks forever Reesh.”

Searching along the path thru’ the woods, I keep calling for Basharay but he doesn’t answer. Almost to the river, I walk around the biggest pine tree and look off to the right. Blinding! Gleaming down on me. It’s the


This time I just stare at it. Unable to move. Then Basharay’s there rearing up and flailing his front feet trying to protect us. Next Radha has me around the waist and we’re running down the bank of the river. Basharay passes us but I yell to him and he stops. Scrambling onto his back, we race along the sand like the wind. Everything is dark but I’m afraid to look behind us cause I know the light is there. I lean down and bury my face into Basharay’s mane.

All of a sudden Basharay turns and runs straight into the river !! His powerful legs thrusting us deeper and deeper into the darkness. Quickly the water is over his head so I yell at Radha to slide off and grab his tail.

He just keeps swimming, I look back and the entire beach is covered in glistening white light.

Seventy-five yards from shore, Basharay stops swimming and we rest there. Motionless. Waiting. Then the light rises slowly into the night just hanging there. We tread water for about a minute, watching the shore, not making a sound. I can even hear the gentle waves lapping against my arm.

Wiping water from my face, I stare closely at the shore. I’m not sure, but little by little I think it’s drifting closer and closer. “It’s coming after us.” whispers Radha. My heart is pounding so loud I can hear it. I shrink down until the water is up to my eyes. Hiding. Afraid to even breathe we just wait here, frozen in fear.

Leapng out across the water, there’s gleaming white light flashing above our heads! All three of us start screaming, then my head’s under the water. I panic and start scratching for the surface, but then realize it’s alright here. Things are dark. It can’t get us under the water.

Scrambling to the surface, I grab Radha but she’s limp and her eyes are turning white again. I look at Basharay and his eyes are white too! I push Radha under the water and struggle onto Basharay’s back and stand up. He starts to sink. Then I dive under myself.

Holding them under the water, I finally feel safe. We’ll just wait it out. But they’re both motionless. Then I realize I’m drowning them !! Grabbing Radha’s hair, I pull her to the surface. White light knocks my head back and my eyes are singeing. All my strength is leaving and now I know it’s hopeless. We’re all going to die.

My throat starts to choke, then somehow I think back to our talk at lunch today about death. Then I remember to think about Radha. Then I remember to think about Blue! Suddenly I’m screaming his name like a mad girl. I just keep doing it and the light starts getting bigger, then smaller, like it’s breathing. First the water is bright like daytime, then it’s almost black. It keeps doing this again and again and I keep screaming Blue’s name.

Instantly it breaks up into hundreds of little lights. They are everywhere like the stars. Hanging. Next they start slowly sinking toward the water. Now each one swells up blazing like the sun !! The whole river is glowing then they’re out. Gone.

Radha’s head bobs against my chest. Things are peaceful and for the first time I notice that the water is ice cold. Then Basharay’s head breaks thru’ the water and he’s coughing.

“Is it gone, Reesh?”

“It might… I don’t….” I take a deep breath and kiss her hair. “Yeah, angel, It’s gone.”

We hugged each other, then swam silently into shore. It seemed to take forever. We collapsed on the beach and just laid there, waiting to see if anyone was awake. I felt horribly strange. Weak, strong, tired, awake, scared, happy, and scrambled. All at the same time. But mostly I felt fear. I try to talk but my voice won’t work because it’s sore from yelling. Finally I clear it.

“Maybe we ought to tell somebody about this.”

“Oh, Reesh, we can’t! They wouldn’t believe us plus my brother would have a fit. And then he’d get my parents to restrict me!

“But I’ll tell them I was alone.”

“They won’t believe that. My brother will know I was with you. Oh, please, please, please, please ….. Please. I’ll never get to sneak out and meet Blue again!”l

“But, I mean. That light might hurt other people.” Radha grabs my shoulders and puts her face close to mine, and I can smell her voice.

“No, Reesh. He’s dead. He saw his reflection in the river and killed himself.”

“We don’t know that.” I whine.

“Yes …. we do. It’s true, honey. I can feel it.”

I take a deep breath and sigh. “Oh, I don’t know.” I start sniffling, then I’m crying. Radha holds me and pats my head and pretty soon I’m okay. Then we sat on the grass and held each other.

We talked about the light and how it tried to enter our bodies and Radha thanked me over and over for saving her. Neither of us could figure out what it was but Radha was convinced it was dead.

We just sat there drying out in the cool wind. Basharay was okay and stood guard sleeping over us. Then when nobody woke up, we figured it was safe and Radha walked me to my bedroom.

Standing in the wind still wet, Radha hugs me and kisses me on the mouth. “You’ll be alright Reesh. I’ll be over first tomorrow thing …. Um, reverse that. Sometimes I things say backwards.

Giggling, I nod and watch her walk away. She’s so dear being funny during all this so I’ll relax. God, I love her. When she’s out of sight, I start climbing into my window. But I’m so frightened I can’t stand it so I whirl around and run to catch her. Snatching Radha’s hand, I spin her toward me and notice the full moon rising up behind her head. Like a halo.

“You can’t leave me. I don’t want to be alone.” Radha hugs me so hard my back is hurting.

“You’re right, angel. It’s best that we stay together.”

We walk slowly back to my window and climb into bed. I get us each a nightgown and we quickly change and crawl under the covers. I’m so frightened and shaky, but Radha holds me tightly and I start to feel a little safe.

I keep thinking about everything and it’s just a horrible blurrr. We almost died ! I don’t want to die yet. I’m only 12. Plus I hate being scared. And what was that light thing. Was it alive? Is it still alive?

I kept watching for the Light to attack us again, but it never came. So pressing my face into Radha’s chest, I finally let myself fall asleep.



Tuesday: May 9th



2Shoes : I can’t stop shaking. God’s fist. Reesha’s so brave! And what was that light thing?

Snake : Just a demon sent to destroy Blue.

2Shoes : What!! Bro’, you have to explain.

Snake : It’ll come out later. But here’s the ’Cliff Notes’. The king of a neighboring province had this dream that Blue would someday kill him, to relieve the people of his brutal tyranny. Then he ordered all these demons to kill Blue. That way he could eliminate Blue and claim the provice of Orissa as his own. But Reesha’s a tough warrior-soldier girl and he knew he would have to get by Reesha first to have any chance at killing Blue. So from now on, Reesha and Blue are both in danger constantly. You’ll see. It’s actually quite exciting if you believe love, knowledge, and mercy will prevail. More to follow.

2Shoes : Holy shit!

Snake : Here’s an E-mail from Temperance in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

“Dear kind writers,

I looked up Princess Parvati on the internet and discovered she is the Angel of Fortune. Now it all makes sense! I’ve been a hard luck - bad luck girl forever. Until I started Playful Confessions. It’s like my Bible. Everything is so, so, succinct and easy and LOGICAL. Plus I’ve become famously lucky lately. Every segment I read, something new arrives and becomes my latest ‘Lucky Adventure’. It’s rather spooky actually, because somehow I know that everything will stay this way. And I love it! What can I do to thank this merciful Princess-girl ???

Snake : Actually Tempe, you just did. She’s thrilled to help you along. Princess-girl is my wife and Reesha’s best friend, so she totally wants Play-play to suceed. We all do. And now you, too! Anyone reading this will receive blessings and perks, while those that truly believe will inherit much more.

Reesha : I love this girl. And I don’t ever want her to get old!

Snake : I heart Tempe too. Let’s implore some Temperance and find a solution for her. Proper breathing should do it. What say you, Red fir?

Reesha : Worked on Reef. Should work again, Greenheart.

2Shoes : Oh, I get it. Red fir and Greenheart. They’re both American trees. Sorry, Chief.

Snake : People keep telling Reef all the time he looks younger now than he did five, even ten years ago

Reesha : It’s the yogic breathing technique does it.

Snake : Remember that discussion we had three years ago about the Fountain of Youth?

Reesha : Naturally. It changed everything!

Snake : Why don’t we re-create it for our kind readers so they can participate. Can you do it?

Reesha : Mostly.

Snake : Alright then, you start.

Reesha : Why me?

Snake : Cause that’s how it happened! You said you remembered, you little weed.

Reesha : I said mostly. No, wait. Okay, here it comes. Um….. I was telling you how Radie told me that “girls are only young for a few days. Then they start getting old.” What a remarkable flake she is. Then I asked you…..

Snake : First person, Reesha. Like it’s happening fresh, for the very first time.

Reesha : Getting old sucks. Why do people even have to get old?

Snake : Oxidation.

.Reesha : What! That’s loopy.

Snake : Breathing stimulates the aging process.

Reesha : Well, that’s fucking great! We’ll just tell our kind readers to avoid breathing. That should work. Then they’ll only be young for a few minutes, cause they’ll all be dead!

Snake : First person, Reesha. First person.

Reesha : Fine, fine, FINE! I’m not feeling too good myself …. So, how do we reverse this?

Snake : By doing just that. Turning things around the other way.

Reesha : Confused?

Snake : What happens if you take a brand new shiny-bright piece of steel and leave it outside on the grass all summer?

Reesha : How the hell should I know!

Snake : Don’t get pissy. Then what would happen to Holly if you left her outside all summer?

Reesha : She’d get rusty?

Snake : My point exactly. So our bodies are the perfect breeding grounds for rust, since they’re 90% water and we breathe oxygen.

Reesha: Plus water already has oxygen in it. H 2 O. Twice hydrogen plus oxygen.

Snake : So you do pay attention,

Reesha : Then anything that gets wet while exposed to air causes rust?

Snake : Sure. Internally and exernally. Some of your freckles are rust colored.

Reesha : That’s not fair.

Snake : I love those guys. Very intriguing color.

Reesha : Thank-you. So if oxidation makes us age, how can we reverse it?

Snake: Breathing in starts the process, so how would you reverse that?

Reesha : Um….. breathing out?

Snake : Exactly.

Reesha : But we’re already doing that.

Snake : Not so fast. Breathing in is the air entering the lungs. That’s the bad part.

Reesha : So breathing out will nullify that?

Snake : You are so, so, alert. But you look peculiar.

Reesha : Noted. But still confused.

Snake : The true opposite of breathing in, is breathing out. But, you have to do it with sledge hammer force. Tenacity. Really work that thing hard! Get every last molecule out of your lungs. That reversal will even promote weightlessness, just like the trampoline. Only then, will the ageing process stagnate. Even reverse itself. You can’t get older in space. It’s been proven by science.

Reesha : Everything is going dark, plus my throats starting to close. This is work. Going back in time is scrambling me.

Snake : You were great. Just hang tight for one more thing, then I’ll let you rust ….. I mean rest. Do you remember our name for this new breathing exercise?

Reesha : Almost. Just a second. It’s in there. Um….. Pants on fire!

Snake : Outstanding.

Reesha : Oh, Basharay. I feel a seizure coming on.

Snake : And you’re telling this to your horse?

Reesha : No, fool. Basharay means ‘my darling’ in Sanskrit. You’re teasing me again. I wish I could take naps like Dreamer. She can fall asleep on the head of a pin.

Snake : Ouch! Come over and lie down on my lap and I’ll pet you.

Reesha : Okay, but no funny business Buster. I know you.

Snake : Reeshee?

Reesha : Snake?

Snake : Reesha, I just wish we had a better proof differential for our kind readers. Where are they going to be when we tell them where the doctors and scientists need to look to find the cure for AIDS. They will need extraordinary faith. Why is everything with us always a postulate?

Aries : What’s a postulate?

Snake : Ask Reesha. She’s got two on file at the University of Michigan’s mathematics department when she first started prowling around with her horse racing strategies.

Aries : Reesh?

Reesha : A pahswuel….at.

Aries : Stop kissing her. She can’t speak.

Reesha : A postulate is something that can’t be proved. But it can’t be disproved either. Okay, Green. You may resume.

Aries : Oh, I get it now. ’The proof is in the pudding’, but Snake wants the people to believe the pudding is good, or they may not try it,

Snake : Are you girls getting smarter, or is it just me getting Stupider…er…er.

Reesha : Aries is shy-smart. I’m just daft.

Snake : Waiter. Bring me two orders of each of these girls. And be quick about it!!

Reesha : You’re sweet. You know what, Green? I feel the next part of Play-play might be the most important. If they look young and feel great, they might want to investigate their spiritual identity.

Snake : Definitely. Tell them about the physical benefits of feeling good.

Reesha : More like feeling “high” if the breathing is done correctly.

Snake : Reef was dealing the best drugs in the world out of Ann Arbor, and tried every drug there was. Twice.

Reesha : More than twice.

Snake : And you can honestly say yoga breathing technique is the best one ever for him?

Reesha : Honestly say.

Snake : You need to explain, Reeshee. That’s totally remarkable.

Reesha : Yoga drugs make you feel light. Almost Astral. Plus there’s no side effects or hang-overs. Plus they’re free and legal. Plus you can do them as often as you like. Plus they make your brain and heart happy and you can feel this. Plus the more you do, the higher you get. Opposite of matrix drugs where you keep taking more just to sustain yourself at the same level.

Snake : That’s a lot of pluses Reesha. No minuses?

Reesha : Never a one. Totally cool and freeing and tranquilizing. Better than Desoxyn.

Snake : Seriously? That was the drug de jour of the sixties.

Reesha : My favorite, until it started killing my friends. Oh, yeah. Sex is better too. It’s so heightened and dreamy that boys can get satisfied with just soft-core sex.

Snake : We’ll tell the boys how they can have their maximum climax without ever spilling one drop of semen in our next segment.

Reesha : Works great for girls too.

Snake : Noted. So you take “Breeze of Fire” first, then we’ll trade off.

Reesha : Sure. This one raises your consciousness awareness, life force, improves memory, and prevents worry. Not for very long, but remember you can do these as often as you like. No, wait. You can’t be foolish. Dreamer once did ‘Breeze of Fire’ for five hours straight, years ago, and I suspect she still hasn’t totally come down yet. So be sensible.

This one uses your nose, so first let’s clear the sinuses. Take a tippy-top full breath and hold it. Next, squeeze nostrils shut using the thumb and forefinger of either hand. Now press your breath down hard using your abdomen, but not so hard your ears pop. Now release your fingers so air shoots out your nose. Then clamp it shut with your fingers at about ½ second intervals.

Don’t stop forcing your breath out when you squeeze your fingers. Keep up that inward intensity of the abdomen and lungs so just closing the nostrils with your fingers stops the force of your breathing. Don’t you help

it! Let your fingers be the valve. Keep pushing throughout using only your fingers to stop the flow of air. Keep your lungs tense. When you are totally out of air, then reverse the process the exact same method, only now you’re breathing in, keeping your nostrils clamped shut with your fingers; every half second. Continue this until your lungs are tippy-top full.

Now do this entire exercise a second time. Wait 45 to 90 seconds, then check your nostrils air passages. You won’t believe it!! Works better than antihistamine.

So you did all that so now you can do this!



Preview of coming attractions:

---- Yogic breathing: WOW!

---- How celibacy can proctor the greatest sex EVER !

---- Reesha’s Diary. Basharay: Is he really Dead !??!


SPECIAL To Scoobie; who is totally coo-elle 4 !!!